My Top 17 Beauty Products of 2017!

Hello Fashionistas!

Would you believe it is 2018! It snuck up on me and took me by surprise and here we are.

I have put together a video with my 17 top picks from last year. It was really hard to narrow it down, because there were so many good releases last year. However, I picked the ones that I used loads of times – either new or old. I will add some special mentions at the end of my post.

I hope you enjoy watching it. If I look a little shiny and dishevelled, it’s because it was 42C and sweltering!

Anyway, I tried to keep it under 17 minutes and I succeeded. It is around 15 minutes long, so grab a cuppa, or a wine and relax. There are links and description below the video. If you like my videos, please hop on over to YouTube and subscribe. You will get notified when there is a new one up! (click on the little cog on the bottom to go to “quality” and click on the HD version to watch it in the clearest form possible x)





A special mention of the following products that I wanted to add to my list as well:

  • Maybelline Age Rewind in Medium. I am probably up to my 8th one!
  • Roots Double Effect Hair Growth Spray. I really wanted to add this because I feel it does work to make my hair a little stronger and thicker.
  • Benefit They’re Real Push Up liner. My all time favourite gel liner that doesn’t move. It is a little drier in texture, so there is no risk of bleeding as happens when you have a few lines.
  • The Becca Backlight Primer. I originally had it on that list, but had nothing to show you because I finished the last drop. Beautiful primer especially when you like full cover foundation. Gives it less of a mask like appearance. I also used it on holidays with just a drop of foundation mixed in by itself. Glow glow glow!
  • Release of the year: Model’s Own Cosmetics! Affordable, great quality and a huge range of products.
  • Any of the Hourglass products. So luxe and so beautiful! Great highlighters and products.

Products with an asterisk* are gifts. Products with a ^ are affiliates (when you click on them I might make a few cents, does not cost you anything). This however, does not affect my reviews and opinions. They are 100% honest and all mine.


Are there any products here you have tried and agree with me on? Or do you have a different opinion? Would love to know!

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3 thoughts on “My Top 17 Beauty Products of 2017!

  1. Kim Worrell says:

    Happy New Year, I really enjoyed your video. There are sooo many products on the market it’s great to get recommendations on what works. Since you had the Omnilux your skin looks amazing, I’ll defs look into having treatments myself. Keep up the video blogs!

    1. Thanks so much Kim. You are right, there are so many, I can’t keep up! Thank you for your encouragement, and yes! try Omnilux! x

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