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I was recently sent a few products from the Transformulas Range to trial and apart from some exfoliating treatments and sheet masks by other brands, I used Transformulas exclusively, continueously for 4 weeks.*

 Transformulas® is an EXCLUSIVE British cosmeceutical brand founded on a fear of needles, who specialise in anti-ageing and lifestyle treatments for the face and body, at affordable prices. All treatments are formulated to alleviate ageing and lifestyle issues. Their tag lines of Beauty without Surgery and Ageless Beauty have me intrigued.

First impression: The packaging is luxe, and the delivery of the creams is great – a twist up, hygienic pump, with no chance of wastage. The Eyezone comes in a neat little silver sphere, and the Eyelifting gel comes in a lipgloss type applicator.

Transformulas review


I received the following :

  • Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser
  • Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme
  • Marine Miracle Crème
  • Face Contour & Tightening Crème
  • Marine Miracle EyeZone
  • Eyelifting Gel (I already owned the Eye-Lightening Gel)


Transformulas review


Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser

Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser is a mild, gently foaming cleansing gel containing Glycol Acid and is a naturally occurring Alpha, Hydroxy Acid (AHA) originally found in sugar cane.

My thoughts:

I used this cleanser after I removed my make up, as a second cleanser to cleanse the skin, and in the shower in the mornings. The light blue cleanser has a lovely fresh fragrance and foams slightly when cleansing the skin. It leaves the skin feeling nice and clean without being to dry. The Lactic and Glycolic Acid act as a natural exfoliant. I like  this cleanser a lot.

Transformulas review

Transformulas Face-Contour and Tightening Creme

The ultimate sculpting ant-ageing cosmeceutical treatment. This treatment will sculpt and lift tired slackened jowls, will help define facial bone structure, will help lift, brighten and firm skin, will reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.

My thoughts:

I did a little research on this product before I started. It has some great reviews.  I am starting to look a little “jowly” and a little help in this area would be so much appreciated. Transformulas has developed a special technique to apply this cream and reminds me of lymphatic drainage massage.  The cream is light and smells like menthol. When applied around the jawline, it becomes a little sticky and when dry feels taut and lifted. Throughout January, we have had the hottest days on record and this cream is actually cooling.  Does it really tighten? It certainly feels like it, and I am unsure if it is the massage or the actual cream that is doing the trick. A nice cream that I used before my day cream.

Transformulas Marine Miracle Créme

Transformulas Mid-Life Marine Miracle Creme – Preservation for mid-life skin – Prevention for youthful skin. Mid-life Marine Miracle Creme will fade lines and lessen wrinkles, tightens and firms, assists in the rejuvenation of cell structure, detoxifies and clarifies, refines skin’s appearance. As described by London’s The Daily Mail: Transformulas Mid-Life Marine Miracle Creme.  A facelift in a jar.

My thoughts:

None of the products I tried were heavy, and were perfect for the hot humid weather we were having. Another lovely cream: light, non sticky, hydrating, and leaves the skin feeling like velvet. I used this after the FaceContour and Tightening Créme at night.

Transformulas WrinkleBlock

This Intensive, effective, results driven wrinkle treatment, lifts tired and slackened Skin. WrinkleBlock lessens wrinkles and helps inhibit the muscle contractions that cause creases, without losing facial movement and expression.

My thoughts:

I used this as a day cream after the FaceContour and Tightening Crème. Another light and airy cream. This one also smells of menthol and provides a cooling sensation. Contains Vitamin E and synthetic snake venom to freeze muscle movement. It feels slightly numbing, but I don’t feel like it actually immobilises the muscles as such. I have had botox before, and I don’t think I will be swapping that for this cream. The menthol is quite strong and makes my eyes water.

Transformulas review

Transformulas Miracle Eye Cream

This treatment has been exclusively developed for the delicate eye area. Through natural ageing or secondary ageing, it provides extra help to stimulate, strengthen, repair, and encourage firmness and radiance around your delicate eye area.

My thoughts:

This is a lovely eye cream. I would definitely replace this when finished. The eye area feels hydrated and the fine lines are looking smoother. After using this for a few weeks, my eye area is not as dry as it was before. Contains marine algae extracts, to reduce puffiness, and hydrate. I used this day and night, and my make up just glides over the top. Love this one.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel

Known as an EyeLift in a Tube, this revolutionary biotechnological eye care innovation, formulated with peptides and plant extracts gives immediate results. Proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

My thoughts:

Easy to apply, with a lipgloss type wand. The special technique of applying this gel, makes a difference in the result. The brow does look lifted straight after the application technique, but this is only temporary. Contains peptides and anti oxidants and together with the Miracle Cream, this has definitely made a difference in the appearance of my eye area.

Transformulas Eye-Lightening Serum

Lightens & Brightens the Skin Around Your Eyes with Nanotechnology! The giveaway sign that you work hard and play even harder is dark circles. This eye treatment visibly fades the appearance of black bags, bringing a lighter, firmer more vibrant appearance to the eye area. Nanotechnology effectively delivers active ingredients to targeted areas, while light diffusing properties adds instant luminosity – wiping away signs of fatigue.

My thoughts:

Unfortunately, this product is not really suitable for me. My dark circles are caused by pigmentation and deep set eyes and I am basically stuck with it (hellooooo concealer!), so I can not really give an in depth review.

After 4 weeks of using the products I identified the following:

  • My skin feels a little tighter and smoother
  • The skin around my eyes seem a little more hydrated and smoother
  • I like the massage that is used with the Face Contour and Tightening crème and will continue with this. It makes the lines on the side of my mouths less deep and works a treat for a puffiness around the face
  • The cooling effect of the menthol was so nice in the heat


Overall, for my skin type (ageing, loss of firmness, pigmentation, fine lines), I would pick the cleanser, the Marine Miracle Crème and the Marine Eyezone Cream as my favourites products within the range.  It is a shame there is no SPF in any of the products and that none of the products targets my main concern: hyper pigmentation.

 I would recommend this range to women who have loss of firmness, are dehydrated and are concerned about fine lines. Available from Priceline, and Beauty HQ

*Please note, these products were provided as PR samples for reviewing purposes, but that does not affect my opinions or my review.

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7 thoughts on “Skincare Review – Transformulas Skincare

  1. What an interesting looking range. Is it pricey?

  2. I’ve been using the Transformulas cleanser for quite a while now. I bought it on special without reading the packaging too much and I was really disappointed when I got it home to realise that after water, the main ingredient was sodium laureth sulphate, which is basically just a foaming agent. I know from previous use of cheaper cleansers this really dries my skin out – so I was quite nervous. I haven’t found that to be too extreme (maybe that’s because glycerin is the fourth ingredient and my skin loves glycerin!) but it’s disappointed me enough that I won’t buy the cleanser again (at $35 it’s pretty exxy).

    I will give other products a try – will just remember to read the ingredients list first!

  3. Thanks for this (as always) honest review Barbe, I’m forever curious about these kinds of non-mainstream lines of skincare, and whether they’re worth the usually higher price tag. Sure sounds like the eye cream would be good for my tired old peepers – would love to see a vid of the massage technique xxx

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