A little bit of Paris in Sydney – Franck Provost Paris or how I had a facial for my hair

I was a very lucky girl to be invited to have a hair treatment at the gorgeous Franck Provost Paris Salon at Westfield Miranda in Sydney.  I have walked passed this salon a few times in my local Westfield and have stopped to admire the luxe salon.

Franck Provost Paris Salons have been around for 40 years all over the world, but only recently added Australia to the list.

Franck Provost Paris Hair

I was greeted warmly by the staff and sat down for my consultation with Charlene, the Salon Manager/Master Hairstylist (I DIE for her French accent!) It was agreed that I would have one of the Kérastase Luxury Rituals. These Rituals consist of individually prescribed hair treatments after a careful consultation. Let me explain.

Just like a facial the following steps are part of the Ritual:

  • Diagnosis. My hair is fine and thin, and coloured. Charlene suggested one of the Fusio Dose Rituals, tailor made to my hair. A primary treatment for fine hair and a booster  for my secondary need: a radiance booster for coloured and dull hair
  • Cleanse. Your hair and scalp gets gently cleansed to rid of all product.  (Oh the massage!)
  • Treat. Like a mask for your face, the hair and scalp gets treated, in my case it was the Concentré Densifique (for fine and thinning hair)
  • Texturise/Prime  Not unlike a moisturiser and a primer for the face, the application of the booster product gives the hair a beautiful finish and prepares it for styling (like a primer for make up!)
  • Style  My hair then got styled, and of course I will never ever be able to replicate this blow dry.

When you think about it, the scalp is a continuation of your facial skin, so why shouldn’t you have a facial for your hair?

I loved the experience, the staff made me feel special and more importantly made my hair feel like it wasn’t even my hair! It felt fuller and was bouncy and my balayage was definitely more defined. I am planning on having another one of these treatments when Winter is finished to prepare for the Summer months.

Check out the locks!


Franck Provost Paris Hair Franck Provost Paris Hair Franck Provost Paris Hair

kerastase Fusio-Dose-Reno-2016
Kerastase Fusio Dose


Thanks for having me Charlene and Franck Provost Miranda,  I loved being treated like a queen (like I should! Like YOU should!)

You can find Franck Provost Paris in Westfield Miranda, Level 2, 600 Kingsway, Miranda, NSW 2228, (02) 8314 3117


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13 thoughts on “A little bit of Paris in Sydney – Franck Provost Paris or how I had a facial for my hair

  1. Yep, the colour and condition of your hair look sensational. But I think I prefer the way you do your blow dry!
    Thanks for sharing. x

  2. Wow your hair looks amazing! So shiny and healthy!

  3. Terrific idea, and what a treat – your hair looks amazing Barbe. I looked up the website (thanks for the link!), and it’s nowhere near as expensive as I thought it would be xxx

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