Let’s take a moment…

Rich without being tacky, good-looking but not out of reach, brown sleek looks and a soft, lingering fragranced kiss…

No, I am not talking about my husband, but rather the new  Palmolive Oil Infusions body moisturisers and skin care range! But I AM talking about taking a moment for yourself… but more about that later!

As a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger I am lucky enough to get asked along to some really nice events. Every once in a while I pinch myself and consider myself a supremely fortunate woman to be deemed important enough to attend these things.

The launch for the new Palmolive Oil Infusions  was such an event. I arrived blurry eyed, a little bit flustered because the traffic made me late,  and out of breath from hurrying to make it in time for the Breakfast Launch.
Held at Sydney Andrew Boy Charlton Pool Café, the day was one of those beautiful, crisp but with piercing blue sky Winter’s Day and the setting was just gorgeous at the Botanical Gardens.

First thing I noticed was the fragrance, and the second thing I noticed was the bevy of super Glamorous women, including Ada Economou , Jules Sebastian, magazine editors and super bloggers. After some insights into the launch, we tucked into some beautiful food and were treated to a great moisturiser moment by getting hand massages. What a beautiful way to start the day.


Let’s talk about the new Palmolive Oil Infusion Range:

The new Oil Infusions range is enriched with essential oils like avocado, jojoba, macadamia, rose and citrus oils and jasmine extract.

As came very apparent when I had my hand massage, it is rich and moisturising,  and is beautifully scented without leaving a greasy aftermath.  I was massaged with the Citrus with Jojoba Oil Body Moisturiser and the scent lingered long during my working day.

The new brown pump bottle looks expensive, not unlike some of the other exclusive brands out on the market, and does not look out of place in a modern bathroom, kitchen or bedroom interior decor. And that all for under $10!


The Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturisers range is available  in three blends–

  1. Jasmine with Avocado Oil – Smooth and Moisturise
  2. Citrus with Jojoba Oil – Stimulate & Rejuvenate
  3. Rose with Macadamia Oil – Uplift & Repair

The complete Palmolive Oil Infusions skin care range includes –

  • Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser (400mL / RRP$9.99, 200mL / RRP$5.99)
  • Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Wash (500mL / RRP$8.99)
  • Palmolive Oil Infusions Liquid Hand Wash (500mL / RRP$7.99)
  • Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Bar (125g/ RRP$1.99)



Palmolive Oil Infusions


Palmolive Oil Infusions


Palmolive Oil Infusions

Palmolive Oil Infusions Palmolive Oil Infusions

images credit: fashionista in suburba


Palmolive invites women to create their own #MoisturiserMoment by showcasing via social media how they take a moment to give back to their skin and senses with the new Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser.

It made me think, what is my #moisturisermoment ?  And I just realised it is this:  Dishes put away, house tidy, everyone is in bed and I have just had a shower.( I moisturise after every shower, always have) It is quiet, I pour my glass of red and still warm and fragranced from my shower, I write. That is my moment for me  (oh and a little for you!).  Blogging is my moment, my escape and my wind down from a busy  day.


Now it is your turn: a top prize of AU$1,000 cash will be provided to the most creative entry of the #Moisturisermoment competition, while 110 runner- up prizes – including a limited edition Palmolive Oil Infusions bathroom caddy – will be on offer. Check out Palmolive Australia’s social media pages for more details.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram at @palmoliveanz using the hashtags #MoisturiserMoment and #PalmoliveOilInfusions




What is your moment?



Please note, I was given PR samples for reviewing purposes but opinions are 100% mine.



Til next time,



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  1. The event looked amazing! And the bottles looks so luxe! I need some for me home x

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