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Let me  take you back to the 80s. A time of big hair flicks, glitter eyeshadow and disco music but also the time I did my Beautician (as it was called then) training.

We did not have a lot of machinery to aid us with our treatments – I had a steamer to soften the skin for better absorption of the treatment products, (when I went to do a home visit facial I used hot towels!), and really that was about it!

Cleansing, exfoliating, massage was all done manually with a HUGE emphasis on massage.  There are such great benefits to facial massage – it is relaxing, you are working  the product into the skin better, and it is also great to get the blood flow going to improve circulation – so beneficial for the skin. I find myself now, even after all these years, massaging my cleanser and my day/nightcream in using Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement . (yup, showing off massage techniques now!)

Fast Forward to 2016. Beauty Therapy has come such a long way, the equipment to aid into achieving the best possible skin is high tech, as well as amazing ingredients in treatment products that we could have only dreamed of, all those years ago. My training has given me a good understanding of the physiology of the skin, and I have tried to keep up to date with all the new products and treatments. But I will leave Beauty Therapy to the experts now: I am an beauty enthusiast, not a therapist.

Even Do-it-Yourself at Home treatments are high tech – You may remember my review of  the at home treatment  that stimulates the collagen in the deeper layers of the skin:  The NEWA by HoMedics. Well,  the clever people from Homedics have brought out another affordable skincare kit: Skin+.

* Skin+ is a 2 in 1 compact and portable skin rejuvenating and cleansing system, designed to boost the absorption of skin care products to help hydrate and smooth the skin.

Sound good?

Here is what the Skin+ kit looks like:

Homedics Skin+


Let’s start with the nifty small powerful little cleanser that fits in the palm of your hands.

This is what HoMedics says:

* 22,000 sonic vibrations per minute, for more effective cleansing and rejuvenation. Unlike rotating or spinning devices, ultrasonic cleaning works with skin’s natural elasticity. The sonic action loosens dirt and oil,removing pollutants and impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb your skin care products.
* Cleansing skin for 2minutes with the cleansing brush allows for effective removal of makeup and pollutants from skin.
* The make- up applicator pad,allows you to apply the liquid foundation evenly for a superior effect. This gives you natural and fresh looking make-up, all in 2minutes.


I always double cleanse. I am guilty of using make up wipes to remove make up first (see my top 20favourites for 2015), and only then do I  cleanse my skin.

The Ultrasonic Cleanser comes with 3 different type of pads – one silicone for cleansing, a cotton pad for applying skin cream, and make up applicator pad – all easy to remove and wash (except for the cotton pad which is disposable)

I apply my cleanser directly on to the silicon pad  (My favourite at the moment is the L-Lactic by Skinstitut*). I dampen my skin and the vibration of the Ultrasonic cleanser loosens any dirt and grime. There are 2 speed settings. Rinse off and you are squeaky clean. There is no doubt in my mind that this compact Ultrasonic Cleanser gives a deep, extra thorough clean. Think of all the layers of sunscreen you have applied during our Australian Summer!


If you are queezy, do not look now, I am going to show you how much make up still comes off even after the initial cleanse!

Homedics Skin+

Gross right?

So now my skin is nice and clean, I am ready for the Skin Rejuvenator and Applicator.

This is what HoMedics says:


*Warm massage and Ultrasonic Vibration: Operating at 42C it opens pores for deep cleansing and helps boost absorption skin care products. The ultrasonic vibration strengthens the effect of warm massage, improves circulation, revitalises the skin and gives a smooth glowing feel.
*Cool massage and Ultrasonic Vibration:Operating at 6C it helps reduce puffiness around the eye area, shrinks the pores for even make up application whilst brightening the skin texture.
*Reduces puffiness and redness of skin.
*Great for headaches.
*The massage head fits the curve on yourface, making your skin care highly effective. *Goes from 42 degrees to 6 degrees in 4 seconds!
*Auto-timing system, 2.5 minutesfor each setting.”



I applied a couple of products before using the Skin Rejuvenator: Skinstitut Even Blend Serum first, then I applied the corrective Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil and around the eyes I applied the Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye &Neck Cream*

I turned on the Heat plus Sonic Vibration setting to allow for better absorption of the products and spend a good 5 minutes massaging . The metal pad is super slick and just glides over the face, a lovely relaxing feeling. I prefer to slide the pad over my face rather than rotate. The warmth and the massage is supposed to give the products a boost, rather than just slapping on the cream.

Here is the thing, this Skin Rejuvenator and Applicator comes into its own when the cool setting is applied. FANTASTIC!

After the warm massage, and relaxing the pores, the cool setting will tighten the pores.

Where I found this applicator extremely helpful,  is with puffy eyes and congestion, that I suffer from, especially in the morning. The Skin Rejuvenator can actually make a big difference in reducing facial puffiness in the morning and aid by draining fluid away by freeing up the congested lymph nodes.

I am no stranger to lymphatic drainage for puffiness. I suffered from Lymphodoema of the arm after my breast cancer surgery and had to massage my arm daily, in a specific way that was I was taught to do by my physiotherapist.




This is what I do to reduce puffy eyes and face:

I start by stroking, very gently,  the lymph nodes found just above the clavicle or collarbone, toward the hollow of the neck. These are called the supraclavicular lymph nodes and are responsible for filtering lymphatic fluid of unwanted debris and bacteria. The gentle stroking, helps empty the nodes. I then start stroking the neck downwards and around the ears to empty these nodes next.  Next, I use the Cool and Ultrasonic vibration setting of the Skin Rejuvenator and Applicator to smooth the pad from the inner eyebrow to the outer, and under the eye, stroke from the inside out. Do this a few times and stroke from the ears down a few times to drain anything congested there. You can repeat this a few times until the puffiness subsides.

Just be very gentle, no intense pressure is required.

I found this great video that explains the Self Lymph Drainage massage by It is an oldie but a goodie.



So would I recommend this kit?

Yes I would!

The Ultrasonic Cleanser is compact, easy to travel with and USB rechargeable. And it works! I feel personally, I would only use this for cleansing application, not for make up application. I prefer to use a different method.

The Skin Rejuvenator & Applicator: It fits nicely in your hand, and the metal massage pad is super sleek.  I am all FOR massage and warmth to maximise absorption of your precious skin creams, but I think this can be achieved manually without a machine too. I may be a little old fashioned that way.


I recommend it for the cooling setting. My skin feels smooth, and  puffiness is reduced around the eyes and I may or may not have used this on the back of my neck as well! My skin feels lovely and make up application is a breeze after using this little machine.



The HoMedics Skin + is available through Myer (at time of writing on sale!), and  Priceline, 


*please note, this product has been gifted for reviewing purposes. However all reviews are honest and are 100% my own opinion. These are my personal experiences and it may not work the same way for everyone.

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