Where I went this weekend – Myer Christmas 2015 Giftorium launch

Imagine this: nearly a full floor in a department store dedicated to all things Christmas gifts.

And this: dedicated, trained Gifticians to help you choose the right gift for the right person (you can book one in online!!)  And to make it easy, all gifts are set out in seven Christmas themes:

Then imagine wandering around an area where everyone smiles at you, where elves and toys dance around the paths, where young kids are entertained and can go on little train rides to meet Santa in his grotto.

It is not your imagination – it is real!

I was invited to attend the launch of the 2015 Christmas Giftorium in Myer Sydney City. This was opened by Myer Ambassador Kris Smith and General Manager of Myer Sydney City Alison Muir.

I wandered around, started my Christmas shopping, received a hug from Kris Smith and got very excited about Christmas.

Here is just a little glimpse of what I experienced:



There were so many great things to see and do:

Apart from the 7 themed areas there were also great Pop Up shops:

  • Nutella -The personalised Nutella jar is $12.95 and is sure to be a favourite!
  • Star Wars – a HUGE display with an enormous amount of merchandise
  • Disney – seemed really popular with the little girls
  • Marvin’s Magic – for little (and big) budding magicians
  • Arts and Crafts and Games and puzzles

And I spotted a Napoleon and Benefit stand with some great gift sets as well.

Santa can be booked for an appointment (no more queuing up!!) , and the kids will have a ball hopping on the little train.

I haven’t even mentioned the range of mini Drones, that are controlled by your own smartphone or tablet or the GORGEOUS to-die-for rose gold headphones!

My favourite part was the “All Wrapped Service”. Purchase your present, drop it off at the service area and  it will be delivered to your home all beautifully wrapped. No more dragging around big rolls of paper and millions of bags. All so civilised.

Actually, I lie.

My favourite part was having a photo taken with Kris Smith. “hello, how are ya” he said. And I said, as I gave him a hug, “Oh Kris, much better now!” and he chuckled.

Myer Giftorium launch Kris Smith


Check out Myer Giftorium Online HERE to order gifts, and book a Giftician and an appointment with Santa.


Thanks so much Myer for having me, and the lovely gifts I received!

Myer Christmas Giftorium

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Does the one stop shop appeal to you? Will you check it out?


Til Next time,



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  1. Was so good to see you again Barbe. I love the video. Very clever! Definitely gets us in the Christmas spirit x

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