False Eyelashes – 10 tips and YouTube demo to make it easy!

Hello Fashionistas!

The Silly Season is upon us with loads of functions to attend! The one thing that makes me feel über glam is wearing false eyelashes when I go out.

I have very short, virtually non existent lashes, so a set of lashes gives me that VA VA VOOM!

Over the years, with trial and error, I have come across the best way to apply, the way that works best for me. You might have a different way, would love you to share it with me below in the comments!

For your info, there are 3 types of false lashes:

  • Strip lashes
  • Accent Lashes (half lashes)
  • Individual Lashes

Choose the ones that suit you best!

Here is my demo to make it easy,


So here are my 10 tips for strip lashes:

  1. I like to curl and put mascara on my own lashes before I start.
  2. Choose a style you like. Do you want length? Do you want thickness? Do you want over the top both? (I have worn 2 sets of lashes on one eye before to give it extra thickness! it does become heavy after a while!)
  3. There is a left and a right lash: you can recognise it because the shorter lashes go in the inner corner of the eye, and the longest on the outer.
  4. Check the fit. Take your lash strip  and bend it gently between your fingers to give it more of a curved shape to fit your eyelid. If the lash band is longer than your natural lash line, trim the access with a pair of small scissors. Only every trim the longer lashes (the outer)
  5. How to apply the adhesive: squeeze directly along the strip. Spread with an orange stick or toothpick evenly. I like to have a bit of extra on the edges, they seem to lift first. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry a little before applying to your eyes. I like to put a little on the back of my hand and apply from there. I have seen girls apply it to directly to their eyelid as an eyeliner and attach the lashes that way.
  6. There are speciality applicators, I used the Ardell Applicator.  You can also use tweezers or your fingers.
  7. Apply lashes from the middle of the eyelid and then stick on the corners.
  8. Apply as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  9. Apply mascara as required, just note that it is a little more difficult to remove make up from your falsies.
  10. To remove your lashes, soak a cotton bud in oil free eye make remover. Rub it over the lash   band to dissolve the glue a little and gently peel off. Use the same cotton bud to clean the glue off the lash strip and store in the box it came in.



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Any tips you would like to add?


Til next time,





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11 thoughts on “False Eyelashes – 10 tips and YouTube demo to make it easy!

  1. great post! I very rarely use falsies, I’ve worn it three times, twice was applied and removed by a professional makeup artist and the other was for NYE – I found it extremely uncomfortable and a lot of my lashes were ripped off during removal.. eeek!
    Lily recently posted…Review: Schick Hydro Silk TrimstyleMy Profile

    1. Oh No Lily (re ripping out your own lashes!!)! Soaking a bit of make up remover on cotton wool or a cotton bud on the eyelash area helps. x

  2. I’ve been following you on IG for a while now but it’s the first time that I’m on your blog. Lovely post, and great tips! I must admit I’m awful with falsies, but will try them again x

    1. Hi Fatima! I know exactly who you are xoxo thanks for following and reading my blog. I like Insta for posting photos, but go into more depth on my blog. So nice of you to visit x

  3. Great video Barbe ! I have never applied lashes myself, but will definitely give it a go now Thank you ?

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