What I wore today – Sydney Spring Carnival Epsom Day at Royal Randwick

I love this time of the year!

Spring is my favourite time of the year. The weather is (usually) the perfect temperature,  and of course it is the start of the Sydney Spring Carnival!

Ah, the sound of champagne corks exploding, the clinking of glasses, the noise and the smell of horses, grass and spray tans.

I have been fortunate enough to attend the races a few times, and in the members area particularly.

Today, I played hostess to some of my interior design clients at a private function held by Caesarstone Australia. The room was gorgeous,  the historic Jockey room that was renovated recently. Amazing memorabilia and old photos lined the walls. The room smelled of waxed leather and was right near the finish line. So exciting.

It was one of those days I wished I had my big camera with me, because the fashion was so good, but because it was a work function the happy snaps with the iPhone will have to do.

Spring usually means floral fashion, but even though there was some of that today, I mainly saw structured dresses, but also a lot of lace – white in particular. I spotted large floral crowns and also more structured minimal hats, including pillboxes with mysterious veils and lots of lace head pieces.

So what did I wear?

I really am not the floral type, so that was never going to be my choice. I found this navy outfit at Country Road. Separates work better for me than dresses, because I am a different size on top than on the bottom. (And I can wear both pieces separately in different outfits as well!) . I had trouble finding the same navy colour in a hat or fascinator and I ended up going with a contrast colour. I think it worked quite well!

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015


Here is what I think is essential to bring to the races:

What I wore - Epsom Race Day 2015

Sunglasses, sunscreen, Stiletto Heel covers and foldable ballet slippers

It was such a great day. Ok so I lost a little, but at least I did it in style. Any excuse to wear a headpiece!

Here are some happy snaps of today.


Can’t wait for the next one!


Do you like going to the races?

Til next time,


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