What I wore today – Maroon, Oxblood or Burgundy?

Call it what you will Fashionistas, it is all Dark Red to me.

And I love it.

Technically, this is probably an Autumn or Winter colour, but it is such a flattering colour. To pale skin and dark skin alike.

My eye was drawn to a bunch of Zara Tshirts. Nothing special. Plain Tshirts but long at the back with a spliced front. Of course I went straight to the black, but I already have a similar French Connection shirt in black, that has served me well and still does.

So I reached for the dark red. And I bought it.

And I had the perfect opportunity to wear it today, because it was more Autumn than Spring on this day in Sydney. I had a hot date this afternoon, for lunch and a movie, so this is what I wore.



ootd, what i wore, burgundy, zara, tshirt


What I wore - Zara maroon tshirt




What I wore - Zara maroon tshirt



  • Tshirt by Zara AU$25.95
  • Bangalore Wet look Pants by De Cjuba
  • Long singlet by Seed Heritage
  • Vintage Boots


My new lipstick matched perfectly, a complete fluke. Wearing Shanghai Suzy lipstick in Mrs French Winter Maroon.

shanghaisuzylipsticks mrs French Winter Maroon

The movie we went to see was Everest, lunch was a yummy plate of hamburger sliders and the date was handsome. (my husband of 32 years!)


And then things got a little silly and we took these photos


Yeah well.

Hope your Saturday was as fun as mine.

Til next time,


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