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Getting old sucks, Fashionistas.

Our lives change, our bodies change and our faces change.  Yeah, it mostly sucks, but let’s take a positive look, a really good look at our faces. Take mine for instance: here it is, with no make up, no filter. (just a little eyebrow pencil and mascara)

Hydropeptide skincare

Let’s analyse it.

  • Open pores and deep scarring  left over from years of teenage acne.
  • Hyper pigmentation from old scars, sun damage and hormonal changes from going into early menopause. (thanks a lot cancer and chemo). My Indonesian heritage plays a part too.
  • Eye wrinkles from years of squinting from wearing glasses.
  • A big pigmentation spot right on the bridge of my nose, from the weight of wearing glasses for so long
  • Loss of texture due to age, therefor the deep lines at the side of the nose and mouth (marionette lines)

Yes, these things suck, but I sort of feel like I earned them: I have had wonderful days on the beach, I have made it to 52 because of chemo and I am proud of my heritage.  I feel fortunate, that apart from those things up there^ I am not doing too badly. The lines are not too bad, my face is fairly smooth for my age.  And the spots? I can cover up with make up, no problem.

With the changes in my skin, I need to call in the big guns. I was introduced to HydroPeptide a couple of years ago and have been using it on and off over the years – not consistently,  and for no other reason than that I could not afford this high grade skin care at certain times of my life.

So to be able to give an honest review, I believe that products should be used consistently for at least 8-12 weeks. However, I had been using some of the products for a few weeks earlier, and I am excited about the results. It has been 3 weeks since I have added other Hydropeptide products to my routine.

I can get all technical and explain why I like this range so much. I could talk about how peptides are proteins and that there are 21 different peptides in this range all with different functions to combat ageing skin. I could tell you how dr Louise Peck discovered how to incorporate peptides into skincare for the most effective anti ageing skin care range ever. Or I could tell you how the Hydropeptide range was founded way back in 2004. I am a bit of a tech head and purchase products on the ingredients merit but I understand not everyone is the same. Follow the link to each product to get a list of ingredients.

Or I could just tell you that it works for my skin. I can see results.

Hydropeptide collection


My skincare routine:

Morning and Night:

Hydropeptide Exfoliating Cleanser.  * No less than 7 peptides plus Glycolic Acid and Jojoba beads to get a thorough but gentle clean. Apply a little on a damp face, gently massage and wash off.

Eye Authority *  Contains 13 peptides including Relaxing Peptides, Anti-Puffiness Peptides, Anti-Dark Circle Peptides, Anti-Glycation Peptides, Lifting Peptides. This product has given me the most obvious results. Lines are noticeably less! A very little bit goes a long way. This should not be applied on the eyelids.


Face Lift Advanced Ultra Light Moisturiser   Beautiful hydrating, but light as a feather moisturiser. Perfect under make up.


Power Lift * This product saved my skin. Usually my skin suffers from the cold weather and heating, but it is now Spring, and my skin is fine! Any dry patches I had on my face that my foundation would cling to, are gone.

Twice a week:

Anti Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel   This product is EVERYTHING. It made it to my favourite top 5 for August. (Read about it HERE) .  It has been a while since my last dermabrasion at Thaspa, but this at home peel, is a great alternative to a salon treatment, or a great “in between visits” treatment. It is a 2 step system.

Peel 1 is in a jar, contains vitamin C Crystals and orange peel to brighten the skin. Peel 2 is the serum part – Jampacked with Peptides to help with hydration, Lactic acids to further exfoliate, Bearberry and chamomile to even out the complexion and soothe. So this is a peel on 2 levels: a mechanical one (crystals to exfoliate) and a further non mechanical  one through the Lactic Acids. Double whammy.

Peel 1: (click the arrows to scroll through the step-by-step photos)

Peel 2
Hydropeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel set
Finished!. My skin is softer, clearer and is generally glowing! I love this stuff! There is a slight redness that disappears after a little while. I follow usually with my night cream. I like to let my skin settle a while before I apply a treatment mask.

( these photos have not been edited or photoshopped and no filter has been applied)

Please note, if you have very sensitive skin, this may not be for you. I have tested it on my skin and it works wonders, but if in doubt, seek help from a professional. (I am in no way a professional. 🙂 ) Always avoid the eye area with peels.

The Hydropeptide range is also available from Thaspa. For recommendations and guidance, go and talk to the girls there. You can find them HERE

update Competition is now closed

I am ecstatic I have found a range that works for me right now, and I want to share the love with my readers.

I have a HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish and Plum Peel kit valued at AU$110 to give away!




This is what you need to do to be in the running for this great kit:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck,  it is a great prize.

The competition runs for one week. Sorry, Australian Residents only this time.

All products marked with an asterisk* have been gifted to me for reviewing purposes, all other items have been bought with my own, hard earned money.

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17 thoughts on “My favourite Skincare – HydroPeptide

  1. hat I like about getting older..
    * Living through many more experiences than you did when you were young
    * You know much more than you did (even a year ago)
    * Relationships with people that matter get stronger and more meaningful
    * Becoming more confident with the person you are
    * Being able to remember precious memories (sad, happy, all of it)
    * Having the opportunity to reflect on the life you’ve lived so far
    * But most importantly, being able to grow old. Not enough people experience it!

  2. Im just grateful that im growing old. I can deal with the wrinkles and saggy skin 🙂 There’s facials and creams to help me.
    mee rela recently posted…SEPTEMBER TAN PROMOTIONMy Profile

        1. It is finished! It might not show up on your phone but in the Rafflecopter box it says: and the winner is: Elly C!

          Sorry, maybe try for the next giveaway x

  3. Enjoying your life with the friends you have selected to stay connected with

  4. Holly Pinner says:

    What I love about getting older is seeing my daughter grow and change everyday. As long as she is growing happily I can deal with the wrinkles and grey hair. But I’m always on the look out to stop my skin from getting old. Hehe.

  5. facebook_danielle.armstrong.37266 says:

    I love the wisdom that comes with growing older. The wisdom to know that who you are is enough and the confidence to not be so concerned about what others think.

  6. Lee Roberts says:

    i accept who I am, my weaknesses & strengths, which are stronger than I ever imagined. I’m a woman but always a girl at heart. That’s my secret of enjoying my age. It’s still a journey & full of wonder

  7. What I like about getting older is that I still find every day exciting.
    Every day is different & full of new challenges, whether it be my skin regime or laughing at one of the kids jokes, it’s what I like about getting older.

  8. Jessica HR says:

    What I enjoy about getting older is the confidence I have in myself. I doubt myself less and am enjoying a new found carefree attitude when it comes to makeup and fashion.

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