Get ready for Summer with a DIY pedicure PLUS Scholl foot care package giveaway!

The warmer weather is getting closer Aussie Fashionistas. It was panic stations last week when I had a race day to go to and I had not thought of  hair removal, pedicures and calories all Winter.

I can’t help you with the extra Winter kilos, but I can help you with a DIY pedicure, whilst watching television, which is exactly what I did the night before the Day of the Races.

Read on for my HOW TO DIY Pedicure and there will be a FANTASTIC giveaway at the end of this post.

This is what you need for a DIY pedi.



For  hard skin removal:

Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamon Crystals Express Pedi IMG_5712

For the Soak:

  • a Towel
  • I used Radox for the soak but any softening body wash will do
  • Body or Footscrub
  • Nail brush and Pumistone

For the Nails

  • Nail polish remover and cotton wool/pads
  • Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream or any other good moisturiser
  • Nail file, nail clippers, and cuticle pushers
  • Toe separators and a pretty nail colour with base and top coat if required.


I started off with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Crystals Express Pedi, and got rid of about 4 months worth of dead skin . Below is a link to a demo. It basically looks like a belt sander and yes, the dust flying is dead skin. If you are a bit queazy about seeing crusty heels, don’t bother clicking on the link below. You are warned.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi


Remove old nail polish.

Soak in luke warm water with Radox for about 10 minutes.

DIY Pedi



Use a nail brush and body scrub to scrub the nails and feet

DIY Pedi



Smooth any left over rough skin gently with a pumistone.

DIY Pedi



Dry the feet with a towel.

Cut the nails if need to. Always cut and file the toenails straight across to discourage ingrowing nails.

DIY Pedi



Rub the nails and feet with liberally with moisturiser, I used Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture cream. Make sure there is plenty of cream on the nails and cuticles, and gently push the Cuticles back

DIY pedi



Finish off with a base coast and a pretty nail colour. I used Mecca Acai here.


DIY Pedi


If you need more cream, rub that in. If you are going to bed, the Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm is great when covered with a pair of socks. Wake up with baby smooth heels.

That’s it!



Congratulations, you have just saved yourself around $50!

DIY Pedi



Psst. You may remember my review of the Scholl Express Pedi a little while ago. (read it HERE) . It remains one of the most popular posts on my blog.

I was approached to review the new and improved Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. It now contains a Diamond Crystals for an even faster result. It is now, super, super quick to get rid of that yucky hard skin.

Not only did I receive an Express Pedi, but also some other great Scholl Products for reviewing purposes  and I received one set for my beautiful Fashionistas! So exciting!


So here is what you can win to get Summer Ready Feet:

DIY pedi and Scholl Giveaway



All you have to do is leave a comment with your tip how you get ready for the coming warmer weather. It maybe a great beauty tip, a healthy tip or anything else you can think of. You can also earn more points by sharing it on your Facebook page.


Have a go, good luck!

*products have been gifted for reviewing purposes. Sorry, Australian residents only.


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20 thoughts on “Get ready for Summer with a DIY pedicure PLUS Scholl foot care package giveaway!

  1. My mum was the queen of the pedis…she always did her own and the steps were almost exactly as you’ve described!…so I grew up a do it yourself pedi gal as well 🙂
    My get ready for summer tip is to start using a gentle scrub on places that get hidden under winter layers, especially tops of arms and legs and moisturize religiously so when the time comes the skin you reveal is well cared for. Would love to win this!! <3

    1. it is nice to be treated every once in a while but you can do a great job at home too. I used to do Pedicures for a living, as a beauty therapist, and I really enjoyed doing them!. Yeah weird i know.
      Good tip, good luck
      B x

  2. Great post Barbe. Personally for me the last two weeks I’ve been going to the gym and exercising for half an hour to not only loose the weight I’ve put on over winter but to also get fitter. I always spend time and money on getting the outside ready for summer but not on the inside.

  3. To get ready for summer I go Cossie shopping. I have to have the latest full piece and kaftans for the beach it’s a must for and I also go for pedi’s so my foot are ready for summer. But you’re step up step could save me hundreds. I’m going to give it ago!!!

    1. Nothing wrong with getting a pedi! Maybe using the DIY method for inbetweenies? You are a brave women going cossie shopping. It will be at least another couple of months before I will pluck up the courage! x

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Great tips Barbe,I like to get spring ready by doing a body scrub and then using a tinted body moisturiser on my legs and arms so I don’t blind people with the glow from winter.

    1. ooh great tip! I am one of those weirdos that has always exfoliated at the beach as well! Take a hand full of sand and just rub. Cheapest one around! x

  5. Natasha Andrews says:

    Ohh this looks so good! It isn’t just the cost that puts me of professional pedicures it is finding the time to get it done. Anything that I can do at home is a bonus. I swear by the heel balm and have been known to sleep wrapped up like a very unsexy Egyptian mummy with socks and gloves and generous amounts of heel balm on my feet, hands, elbows and knees!!

    To get spring and summer ready I always put as side one afternoon where I get out all my warm season clothes and shoes and try them all on assessing them for fit and wear and tear. On the same day I also assess my body for wear and tear LOL and follow the session with a pedicure, manicure, facial and a fake tan for my legs – it gets me out of winter hibernation mode and ready for the warmer months and it feels like a lovely pampering session!

  6. To get ready for summer I do three things:
    I have always done my own pedicure including the big wide bucket for soaking feet with water and drops of rose and geranium essential oil.
    I love grating the dead skin off and the more the better. I must say I have lost plenty of blood over the years with the razor blade type of grater. This pack would be well loved by me. X

  7. Moisturise your feet after your shower and then wear socks to bed. Perfect in winter while getting your tootsies ready for summer…

  8. I prepare for summer by making sure I buy new razors. Then I exfoliate and it makes shaving easier. Obviously everyone knows we need to often change our razors, but especially in the summer because you have to make sure you’re removing all the hair off your legs etc. can’t risk anything!!!!! Also moisturise. Dry weather means dry everything. Stay hydrated, moisturise your lips, use aloe vera on sunburn, and moisturise your skin!!

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