30 Lipsticks for 30 days – Part 2

Fashionistas. As you may or may not know – and if you have read this blog once or twice, you will – I am a bit of a lipstick addict.

There is no other item in your wardrobe/beauty case, that can lift your spirit, can changeyour look, to satisfy the need for some retail therapy without having to break the bank. That is what I think anyway.

I am part of a Hair and Beauty Facebook Group and a challenge was organised: 30 lippies for 30 days. Of course I jumped at it.

You may remember I organised one on Instagram last November and it was great fun. Read the post HERE

The funny thing is, 30 days have been done and I have plenty more to fill another one. A September one is planned!

Here are the 30 different lippies I wore, get ready for lots of car selfies!


Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.


I really believe everyone can wear any lipstick colour with some minor adjustments of the rest of the make up. If you have admired a lippy on someone, just try it! You might surprise yourself and a great fierce lip is surprisingly empowering.

I will add all of these to my Lipstick gallery too, so they will all be in colour category.

How many lippies do you have?


Til next time,


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Dutch Born, Fashionista in Suburbia lives at the Southern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. A Mum. A Wife. A Lover of all things sparkly, shiny and leopard print. A Shoe, Lipstick and Sunglasses Addict. A Typical Libra. A Breast Cancer Thriver.

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