Make Up for Selfies – my top 5 photo editing apps


Come on now. Unless you are perfect – and I am not saying that you are not – a little tweak with some good apps on a great photo is not a sin. It will make that great photo a FANTASTIC photo: let’s call it Make Up for selfies. 😀


I don’t take myself too seriously and I usually disclose if my photo is edited or not, especially if there are colour swatches involved. But those couple of hairs that are stuck on your lipgloss from the wind blowing, can be fixed. That bit of mascara that ended up mysteriously on your cheek, can be erased. That pimple in the middle of your forehead, yes you guessed it: GONE GIRL.

I have a sunspot on the bridge of my nose that no matter how I cover with make up, it seems to poke through. I get rid of that. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

I draw the line in altering body shapes. A fat arm because you have squeezed your arm too hard against your body can just be cropped out. Who needs an arm anyway?


I was asked for a recommendation of photo editing apps in a Hair and Beauty Facebook Group the other day. The young girl had just gone from a Samsung to an iPhone and wanted to know how to lift the whiteness on a lovely flat lay of products she did. I surprised myself with the knowledge of different apps that can help with that and I thought you might like to know as well, my beautiful Fashionistas?

Here we go!


Here is an unedited photo I took this morning in front of a window, taken with the front camera of my Iphone6.  Natural light is always best. Yes there are wrinkles, and yes there is uneven colouring.

Unedited Selfie
Unedited Selfie


1 iPhone6 Filter

The first one I would like to mention is the filter that comes ready with your iPhone. You can find it on the screen when you take your photo: it is the 3 little overlapping circles on the right hand side. My favourite is CHROME. You can set the filter before taking the photo or AFTER you have your photo taken in your photos folder, under “edit” on the top right hand side. Again, it is the symbol of 3 overlapping circles and you can save the photo with the CHROME filter. This is the result. Brighter colours. My lippy looks completely different but makes your skin look pretty nice.

Selfie with iPhone Chrome Filter
Selfie with iPhone Chrome Filter



This is my go-to app to brighten, lighten, darken, sharpen and frame. It even has a spot remover function, and also some really neat special features. Here I have upped the brightness, upped the contrast, reduced the saturation, and toned down the warmth. These are what I usually do to my photos, only to make them look like they are all from the same “family” on my Instagram profile in particular. I also put a thin white frame around each photo to make it look pwetty.

Selfie edited with Snapseed
Selfie edited with Snapseed



I have had Camera+ for a while, because you can take photos on your iPhone with more control, just like with a DSLR. You can change white balance, aperture etc all before taking a photo. But then Kimba from Kimbalikes pointed out to me that she uses the Portrait Filter on the App sometimes so I had to check that out. Life changing!! I tend to not use that particular filter on my photos but rather the Backlit Filter, and I add a little Soft Focus just for fun. This is how it looks.

Selfie edited with Camera+
Selfie edited with Camera+



Now this App I want to caution you about. I have seen some bad, bad examples of using this sort of app. What you need to remember that even though it might look good on your iPhone or iPad, some people will see this photo on a humongous screen and the editing will be extremely obvious. Let’s face it, you can now surf the www. on your television! A light hand with this app is recommended. Here I have gotten rid of the spot on my nose, erased some hairs that were across my eyes, smoothed out  my wrinkles, detailed and whitened my eyes, and just for an example, also narrowed my nose a little. This is how it looks:

Selfie edited with Facetune
Selfie edited with Facetune

Not my favourite, it looks fake.



This is just a fun one, that I use rarely but always gets a great response. This app lets you isolate one colour and change background colours. Here I have isolated my  lipstick (MAC Heroine) and grey scaled the rest.

Selfie edited with Color Effects
Selfie edited with Color Effects



So what do you think of editing photos? Cheating or enhancing?

Would love to know what apps you use and what you would recommend.



Til next time,


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  1. I like how honest and down-to-earth you are about the whole editing thing, and these are beautiful examples of simple edits to enhance without being fake or “lying” to people, as the case may be.

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