What I wore – Biker Chic for work!

I know you are intrigued, Fashionistas. Is this even possible? Biker Chic for work?

Stay with me on this. A good biker jacket will work just as well with ripped jeans in the weekend, or a sweet floral dress to a lunch, as it does to the boardroom. Don’t believe me?

Think: Tough. Corporate. Edgy

This biker jacket is just a little different, and that is what I liked about. Canvas with PU. It appeals to the Monochromatic Queen in me.

Guess where it is from.

Rockmans! Really. If you haven’t been to Rockmans lately, you  need to check it out. They have definitely upped their game and have come up with a great range. dYou will love it Fashionistas.

Black and white with pops of chartreuse. Biker and varsity jackets and some awesome graphic tees! You will definitely see more of Rockmans in my wardrobe.

Biker Chic for work

biker chic for work

biker chic for work biker chic for work biker chic for work biker chic for work


Wearing Rockmans Mixed Fabric Biker Jacket * (gifted)  buy it HERE

Bardot Midi Pencil Skirt

Witchery Fine wool skivvy (not current)

Wittner Bayage booties (not current)


Is this something you would wear to your next meeting?

Til next time,



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8 thoughts on “What I wore – Biker Chic for work!

  1. OMG I luv that jacket … I will check it out next time I am up at Westfield x

  2. I love this Barbe! You look stunning and the biker jacket is so YOU! I would totally wear it too! xx

  3. Ooooo that’s going straight in my basket!! I love the jacket Barbe.. You look sensational by the way!! Lea xx

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