Product Review – Wonderstripes, Instant Eyelift

I have hooded, heavy lidded eyes.

Blame my Chinese Grandmother. Blame old age. Whatever, they are there and they are going to stay there until someone is going to take a knife to them. (never say never).

Then I got tagged in an Instagram post by my friend Felicity: “Hey Barbe, have you tried these?”



What exactly are hooded lids? Hooded lids are when the upper eyelid is only partially visible or totally concealed when the eye is open. Our eye lift tapes help make those hooded lids vanish, leaving you with naturally beautiful eyes without the need for expensive and painful eyelid surgery! With WONDERSTRIPES everybody can visually correct the eyelid and look younger in seconds. WONDERSTRIPES are ideal for Men and Women of all ages who want to create a brighter and more radiant look in seconds. Eyes appear instantly bigger and more youthful when WONDERSTRIPES are applied into the crease of the eyelid. The instant eye lift without surgery! Brilliant!

I am on it. I SO want to try these. So I emailed to see if there was an Australian Distributor for Wonderstripes and the lovely Isabella was only too happy to send me some to try and review, just for you, my beautiful Fashionistas.

WARNING. Extreme close ups coming up.

See? Hoods. and a lazy eye to boot.


So I had a bit of a dilemma. I like wearing eyeshadow. Well, I like wearing a  full face of make up every day, but I like wearing eyeshadow, basically to correct my eyelid shapes. I thought I would try applying the Wonderstripes UNDER my eyeshadow, as it said that it could be done on the website.

Nuh huh. Eyeshadow does not work on these clear strips, no matter how I tried.

So then I thought I would apply it OVER my applied eyeshadow. That worked, but the adhesive didn’t last very well over the powder shadow.

Instagram photo taken on my iPhone with Crema Filter


So the lovely Isabella suggested to apply a more subtle make up, and using eyeshadow only on the lid and under the brow. Genius!

When I thought about it, if I use eyeshadow for correcting, and if my lids are being corrected with something else, then I don’t have to wear eyeshadow, right? Right! I could still use my eyeliner!

I love the look of a bright lip and a thick liner with minimal colour on the eyes, so I went for that.

This is how I applied the Wonderstripe. Just lift the clear strip off the sheet with your nail or tweezers. Apply the strip with the curved side up just where you can see the crease. It may take a bit of practice to find just the right spot for it. I used size Medium.


wonder stripes before and after

BINGO! You can see my eyeliner so much better and I look like I have eyelashes too. My eyes look much brighter and I look much more awake!


Can you tell that they are there? Not really, Only if you come within kissing distance.



Am I sold?

YESS! This is the best I have looked without eyeshadow! I really love them and will continue to use them. I will try the large next time to see if it will make a difference.

Hello Wonderstripes team? Can we make them extra large to pull my face back like a facelift?  Fanxverymuch

If you are keen to try these, you can buy them at their website. There is an awesome tutorial video on there too that will explain the best way to apply the Stripes.

For the Aussie Website click HERE,  for the Original website click HERE


Would this be something  you would try?


*please note, these were gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

Til Next time,





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6 thoughts on “Product Review – Wonderstripes, Instant Eyelift

  1. I considered trying these but I tried something similar previously WITH eyeshadow and like with your experience the strips did not do well with eyeshadow on top or underneath it. Maybe it’s only meant to be worn without eyeshadow then? Which is a real pity because it would be nice to have it WITH eyeshadow? You look fab with and without the strips btw. And didn’t realise you had Asian heritage in your bloodline! 🙂
    Norlin recently posted…Winter Skin and Body Care UpdateMy Profile

    1. I think it is best without eyeshadow, i was told to dab eyeshadow on the strips, not wipe but that still didn’t work.
      I think i will wear them for my videos, it opens up my eyes quite a bit.
      Yes Norlin! My dad was Indo! His mum was Chinese living in Indonesia! 🙂

  2. Awesome Barabe! Just ordered the trial pack! Cant wait 🙂

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