Hashtag: My 5 favourite Instagram Accounts

Hello Fashionistas!

Instagram is probably my favourite Social Media. It is sharing beautiful, funny and inspiring photos. No long stories, (although I have been known to write a long description), just letting images do the talking.

I thought I might share my favourites. I have my Insta buddies (tawkin ’bout you #foxpack) and I love all their accounts. (Did you know you can ensure you will never miss one of your favourite grammers by “following” them? Click HERE to learn how) But I wanted to show you some that are just that little bit different. Some you know, some you won’t know.

Read on for my list!


Two Ladies and a Wardrobe
Two Ladies and a Wardrobe

Two colourful Dutch ladies with a mutual love for retro and vintage fashion. Of course I love them because they’re Dutch, but I very much admire their style. Worth following these ladies for some great Op Shop Styling!




Senior Style Bible

When I grow up, I want to be like Dorrie Jacobsen. Absolutely LOVE her style and fashion sense. She rocks a high heel and platform like no other. And you can just FEEL the sense of fun behind every photo. Dorrie is 80 and is a retired Playboy Bunny.





Yvan Rodic is a Swiss Street Style Photographer. His Instagram is full of beautiful images of his travels and interesting sites and people he comes across. His Website is full of predominantly people and faces, but his Insta account has some breathtaking scenery as well.




The Kmart Forecast
The Kmart Forecast

I am a huge fan of the goodies at Kmart Australia. Some gems can be found in their clothing departments and their homewards sections now has an absolute cult following. The Kmart Forecast is not affiliated with Kmart,  but rather showcases other peoples great finds and adaptations in their interior styling. Worth having a look, I have total DIY envy when I see their page.





Corina Koch is a friend, but even if she wasn’t I would still follow her account. Look at the stunning images she compiles. Corina is a stylist for fashion and interiors. I am in awe of her work.


So there you have it. All the accounts that I look forward stalking.

Would you like to share yours?


Til next time,





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