Girl Crush – Capucine Safyurtlu

As you may or may not know I am doing a daily style challenge and the prompt for tomorrow is ELEGANT.

The Stylish woman I am featuring in my Girl Crush category this week is what I think, the French Vogue epitome of “elegant”, and she will be my inspiration for tomorrows Style Challenge.

Who is Capucine Safyrutlu?  She is the Fashion and Market Editor of Vogue Paris. A quick Google will show her usually with a phone glued at her ear, along side Vogue Paris Editor Emanuelle Alt. Both look like twins. Stick thin, usually in black, but always elegant.

Capucine’s staple is white or black jeans, and she makes every outfit seem effortless, but ridiculously chic.  Quite refreshing compared to the sometimes Over the Top Fashion Bloggers. Now that, My fellow Fashionistas, is Elegant, with a capital E.

Meet Capucine!









capucine-safyurtlu-french-vogue-011 -Capucine-Safyurtlu-French-Vogue-Vogue-Paris-01




Photo credits: Style Du Monde,,


Who do you think is “Elegant”?


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