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I am very happy with the foundations that I own right now, I think I have them down pat. I know what I want in a foundation:  I want more coverage than maybe the average person. I have a very oily T zone so I want a matt finish that doesn’t slide off my face, but I don’t want it to sit in the fine lines around my eyes. Oh, and I want the perfect colour too. Not too much to ask right? I have found 2 that I wear all the time, read about them HERE and HERE.

But my eyes light up when a new foundation is advertised,  promising flawless and longlasting finish.

Even if I don’t really need it, I have an urge to try it,  just to reassure myself I have the right ones !

Luxury brand Yves St Laurent has brought out a new foundation: Fusion Ink, or in French:  YSL Le Teint Encre de peau.

This is what it says on their website:

FEELS LIKE A FEATHER. WEARS LIKE AN INK. NO MORE COMPROMISE. 24 hours of soft-matte perfection and comfort. Our exclusive fine-as-ink formula perfects the skin yet wears weightlessly all day. Never cakey or heavy. Feel the difference of all day perfection and freedom. SPF 18. Available in 21 shades.  #yslfusionink

YSL are using [the technology] to create a stellar base, using a material used originally in the technique of trapping fine particles in outer space, and chosen for its honeycomb surface that in this instance can absorb four times its weight in sebum (which is why it promises to keep skin matte, come possible rain, shine, humidity or heat).

It has an applicator not unlike a quill, and it is to be applied like ink.


“21 shades” has me intrigued.  “Soft Matte” has my attention, ” lasting for 24 hours”  has me hooked. And oh my, the packaging! I am such a sucker for good packaging. The fact that 12,000 women in the UK are on the waiting list for this foundation, has me screaming in my head ME TOO ME TOO (oh the FOMO is ridiculous). And my bestie Cara de Levigne is the current face of Fusion Ink. Gotta have it.

So off I toddled to the YSL Counter at David Jones at my Local Westfield asking to try this new wonder product on.

First of all the texture. It is the most liquid foundation I have ever seen. The term “ink” is probably a very good one, as it is so runny. I had my doubts with how a liquid, thin foundation could be a covering one, but the sales lady assured me I should try it on.

She applied very little and then proceeded to buff it into the skin. I have to admit, my skin tone is a hard one to get, and the one she applied was a little too light compared to my neck. But the finish was great. Once dried, the finish was very matt. The colour she applied was  BD55 (B for Beige and D for d’Or) and a shade or 2 too light.
We quickly realised this was not the right colour, and we tried to fix it up with some bronzer. She did give me a sample of a darker shade B60 to try at home.


BD55 on the left and B60 on the right. Freshly applied
BD55 on the left. B60 on the right, after one hour






Here are some images B60, freshly applied, at home. It was super easy to apply. This is one layer, and i worked in some more on the areas that needed more with my Real Techniques brush. I used Hourglass Mineral Veil primer first, but no concealer or powder after.

image image image


Photos were taken in daylight.

Other make up used was Napoleon Perdis Nude U Palette,  Benefit Gimme Brows in Medium/Deep, Benefit Push Up liner,  Givenchy Mascara, JCat “the big pencil” in Caramel Mocha.

Would I buy it? At $85 maybe to replace a foundation I have run out of. I don’t think I will be one of the 12,000 women waiting to jump on this foundation. I am tempted to go to bed with this foundation on to see if it really lasts 24 hours. It feels like you are not wearing anything at all…

But oh, that packaging…


Would this be a foundation you are keen to try?


Til next time,




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4 thoughts on “Product Review – YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

  1. Love the finish and the coverage is good, you look like you have no pores what so ever!

    1. Not good for you Bev. It dries very matte.Even with our favourite primer. x
      Go for something a bit more nourishing I think x

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