Product review – ERA Spray On Foundation

I think you could say I have a wardrobe of foundations:

I have:

  • One I put on for night (no SPF so no white face of light reflecting)
  • One to wear when I do something mildly sporty and need only very little colour WITH SPF.
  • One for everyday
  • One for Winter when my skin is a little on the dry side
  • One for Summer that is a little darker and sweat proof ETC


Basically I have quite a few, and my search for the perfect foundation continues. Because everyone of these are a little flawed. For example the night time one is not quite the right colour, even if I love the texture. Neither is my Winter one. My every day one is the perfect custom blended colour, but not quite covering enough etc. etc.


So what is my perfect foundation?

It needs to be very covering and concealing, it needs to be light on the skin, it needs to be smudge proof  and easy to apply.


Why do I place “covering and concealing” top of my list?


As I am getting older, my skin is developing a lot of dark spots and stains.

Hyperpigmentation is usually worse in darker skinned women, like myself. Age is a factor: as one gets older melanin is not as evenly distributed, and old acne scars are like a magnet for melanin as well! Add to this my early menopause caused by chemo therapy and I am an age spot’s dream!

So much fun waking up and discovering more spots that weren’t there the night before!

I am not complaining. I am blessed with very few wrinkles, and wrinkles are harder to cover up, right?  I am pretty good at covering the Hyperpigmentation  up, but it involves many different layers: moisturiser, primer, pore refiner, Foundation, concealer, settingpowder and/or fixing spray.

I came across a very interesting spray foundation on Instagram and I set off to find more about it.  ERA Face – Spray Foundation. I found an Australian distributor that sells it. However, I needed help choosing a colour and wanted to try it. At $79, this is really something you need to feel and try.


So then I saw this photo.This photo blew my mind.


Photo Credit - Helen Sotis Make up Artist
Photo Credit – Helen Sotis Make up Artist


Apparently, this gorgeous girl had Fraxel laser done which left her with some pretty big pigmentation marks. Helen Sotis Make Up Artist covered it with ERA Aero Brush Foundation. I also found out she is a distributor as well.

I rang Helen and she was so lovely, and seeing she didn’t live too far from me, I made an appointment to see her.

She took the time to apply the foundation in 2 different ways (one sprayed lightly over the face and then buff it in with a kabuki brush, a stipple brush or a sponge) or spray it on a little palette (or the palm of the hand) and apply it with the fingers and buff it in with your tool of choice.

It covered EVERYTHING in one go! It is super light, cooling and very fine on the skin. It looks dewy, and doesn’t look like make up, it looks like skin.  I was ecstatic!

Now before you go and think this is an exaggeration, who on earth would  get so excited about a very pigmented foundation, I will let you see for yourself. This is me. Before and after.



This is one spray over the face and blending it in with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush.

What a great result!

This is what it says on the Era Beauty website:

ERA FACE spray on foundation
  • Medi-spa levels of vitamins & botanicals Full,
  • buildable coverage that lasts day-to-night
  • Loyal Hollywood following Generous 2.25 oz size
  • 10 oil-free shades

On the pamphlet it expands a little more:

  • 60% water
  • Anti-Oxidants A, D &E
  • Botanicals – Aloe Vera & Chamomile
  • SPF20
  • Mineral Pigments
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Oil-Free (non Comedogenic
  • Fragrance Free
  • Water & Wear Resistant

I used my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer before the foundation, and used a translucent ELF compact powder to set and I found it lasted really well. I tested the product today, applying it 8:00AM.  I worked all day, I was in and out of the car and air-conditioning , and I did a fair bit of walking in 29C muggy heat, so sweat was abundant. I also am on the phone A LOT and usually my foundation transfers badly onto my phone. I resisted the urge to touch up with a powder and I only reapplied my lipstick after lunch.

The second photo was taken at 6:00pm, when I got home.

8:00am on the left and 6:00pm on the right. I could do with a little bit of a powder on the t zone, and one of my spots has appeared. I believe it is because of my sunglasses resting on that particular spot but otherwise it still looks pretty good.


I think for the next time i wear this, I will spray a bit of foundation on the palm of my hand and conceal areas first before I spray the rest of the face. This is a tip I picked up from the ERA website. I wear colour nr R6 Ginger.





I LOVE IT. It feels like you are not wearing anything.

I have one criticism. The packaging. It is the BIGGEST FREAKIN LID I HAVE EVER SEEN!

It makes the box look so much bigger with the spray bottle only being small. And for $79, I hope it lasts!


Do you have more than one foundation? For different occasions?


Please note, these photos are taken with my IPHONE and have not been edited whatsoever!

Til next time,



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10 thoughts on “Product review – ERA Spray On Foundation

  1. Wow! That is a brilliant result and I can see why you have fallen in love with it. Thank you for being so brave to show the before photos. I know how hard that is as I always struggle with showing myself with no make up on. Last weekend I got my hubby to take photos of me dyeing my eyebrows for the blog and he kept asking me if I was really going to put them on the blog! I haven’t done so yet, but am working my courage up
    Kate from Seduced by Beauty recently posted…March Wish listMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kate, it definitely took a little courage. Like I said, the texture of my skin is pretty good for my age, so I continue to cover up my spots. I had a beauty therapist look at my skin and she (backed up by another one on a separate visit) said that I am probably too dark for laser. It would leave me with light areas on my face. Sort of defeats the purpose!
      Go on , post those undyed eyebrows. I am sure they are not so bad x

  2. Wow! I *never* wear foundation … never have, maybe loose mineral powder, every now and then?! But this looks AWESOME – will search it out.
    Another brilliant Blog post, Barbe

    1. Thanks Amanda! The full cover and the strong foundation is not everyone’s cup of tea but it works on me. I have worn a full face of make up every day for a very long time and I am not about to change that now, I am too old! Try a BB cream Amanda, there is some excellent ones at the moment. I am trying a new Rimmel one that I received in the Marie Claire The Parcel in the weekends and it still gives a little bit of covering, just evening the complexion a bit. xoxo

  3. I saw this as a makeup artist “must have” in their kit in a magazine
    “Most versatile foundation – it can be used as a tinted moisturiser or to cover tattoos!”

    Thank you so much for this review, especially the before and after pictures! I will defo be purchasing!!

  4. Reducing pigmentation marks is not an easy task.But I really appreciate your therapy.Results are unbelievable.Getting a flawless glowing skin is every other girl’s dream.I am going to take this therapy definitely.Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post! Can I ask you which Australian distributor you managed to get this product through? I would love to try it after seeing your review and Tati on Youtube rave about it! X

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