5(0) shades of Nudes – my top 5 Nude lipsticks

Hello my lovely Fashionistas! It is Make Up Monday time!


Apologies for the title, it is a tad tacky but thought it might just get your attention.


Finding a nice nude lipstick with my complexion isn’t easy. Most often nudes are actually lighter than my lips or skin colour and that makes me look a little odd.

So here are the ones I found that have a slight tinge of either mauve or pink, to give me that better than bare lips look and still seem nude enough to pair up with dark smokey eyes.


Photo taken in daylight



Photo taken with flash


From top to bottom:

  1.  Melli Cosmetics Cupcake
  2.  Maybelline Bold Mat7
  3.  Australis Velours lips Pa-Ree
  4. MAC Viva Glam 11
  5.  Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick Kate 14


Nude lippies


What do you think Fashionistas?


Am I missing your favourite Nude lippy? Please share yours!


Til Next time,


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