Product Review – Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit. DIY Shellac/Gel manicure

I think a gel manicure is the best thing since sliced bread. A polish that gives around 2 weeks of glossy, non chip wear? Genius. Time saving and too easy.


I was getting this done every 3 weeks or so, at a nail salon. At $40 a pop, I thought it was worth it. Before Christmas I figured my nails could do with a little break, and (don’t judge me) I basically just ripped off the gel polish bit by bit. I had a great time picking and scraping!

The thing is though, it takes off a big chunk of a layer of nail together with the gel polish. My nails were an absolute mess. Paperthin (from 3 weekly buffing down before a gel manicure) and from my ripping off my polish.

So for the last 5 weeks or so, I had nothing on my nails, just rubbed in hand cream and let them BREATHE.

My nails are super short, which I quite like, and very thin. But they look a mess. Everything always looks better with a bit of polish.

So in my latest Her Fashion Box December, was a lovely surprise: A DIY Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit. I had spotted these in my local Priceline and did have a good look at them, but then put it back. What a great chance to give this a go.

This is how it comes:




The kit comes with everything you need, including a gel polish, (mine was a hot pink Na-No Way), a LED UV cure light, Wipes, Cleanser, Buffer and a manicure stick.




What an awesome idea, the light plugs into a USB port to turn on. Clever people!

So here is how it works, working on ONE nail at a time:

Push back the cuticle, buff the nail gently and then cleanse with the cleanser and the lint free wipes

Apply thin coat (multiple thin ones are better than thick ones)

Place finger in the lamp and turn on. The lamp will turn off automatically in 30 seconds.

Repeat if necessary, and wipe with cleanser.




Confession: I am not the HOT PINK Nailpolish kinda girl. So I went on the hunt for other colours and Priceline had them on sale for $11.20 instead of 14.99.

Left to right: NA-NO Way!, W-Amp, Polar Bare




Lovely nails again. I am keeping a close eye on these to see how long they will last.

I will report back and let you all know.





The Kit is available  at Fuse Gelnamels Online, at Target Australia, Big W or at Priceline where they have 25% off at the moment (as off today 4/2/2015 – making it $37.49 instead of $49.95 and the single colours are normally $14.99, but are also 25% off at Priceline making them $11.20.


What do you think of Gel manicures? Does the UV worry you?


Til next time,


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