Product Review : Fullips Lips Enhancer – Plump or dump?

Who doesn’t really want plump, juicy lips? Cmon, can you think of one celebrity that has thin lips nowadays?

I love these beauties.

jolie-lips kylie jenner





Thought you were stuck with thin lips unless you got someone to stick a needle in them?








I was sent a FULLIPS kit to try and review. Of course I have seen all the videos and looked in amazement how some little red plastic cups transformed lips in to luscious, sexy lips.

I could not WAIT to give them a go. The kit consists of 3 different size and shape enhancers, a gorgeous Fullips plumping lipgloss in shade 105 and a soft toothbrush to exfoliate the lips.

First of course, the instructions.

This is what it says on their Australian website:

Step 1: Clean your fullips enhancer with mild soap and water. Next, we recommend lightly exfoliating the lips and the surrounding area with a soft washcloth, or exfoliation brush, to help achieve fuller results.

Step 2: Wet the area around your mouth with water or moisturizer. Moisture will help you to position the enhancer. It’s not essential, but it may help establish tighter suction, which is key to a good result.

Step 3: Position your fullips enhancer over your lip area, hold tightly in place, and begin sucking short puffs of air out of the enhancer. Continue until solid suction is established and the enhancer is holding suction, but comfortable around your mouth. You may have to move it around a little to get it into a position to establish tighter suction, especially when targeting certain areas.

Step 4: Let you lips relax into the enhancer – this is important! You should feel a gentle pulling. Leave the enhancer in place for 15-30 seconds initially, then break the suction with your finger and check the result. Repeat this step in increments until you reach the desired fullness. The longer you use it, the better and longer the results last. Hard suction is never necessary and it should not hurt. Suction should be just solid enough that you feel the pulling of your lips into the enhancer, then let them relax. If you lose suction, repeat Step 3 to re-establish solid suction. It is better to hold a gentle, but solid suction, than it is to create a hard suction.

Step 5: After using your enhancer, apply your lip cosmetics as usual. Lip liners, plumping lipstick/gloss or lip moisturizer may help your fullness last longer.


Easy right?

Well, not so easy to begin with. It took a few go’s to work out how to position my lips in the shape. Once I moved it around a bit, it was fine. Having moist lips definitely works better.

( Note:I did the testing in 2 days, hence the different hair styles)




Below is a demo. WARNING- Crazy sucking noises!!



So today I first tried the oval and then the round. I think the Round one is my favourite.



Yeah sorry. More sucking noises!




So the verdict?

It works! It DEFINITELY works! No sharp needle needed.

So ok, it is a temporary fix. Mine lasted for a couple of hours. But, the enhancers are small enough to put in your handbag for a night out. So when you touch up your lippy, use your enhancing tool first.

As us Suburban Fashionistas get a little older, our lips tend to thin. Give this a go. It is natural, non invasive and doesn’t hurt. Just start slow and work your way up to the effect you want.



For more information and videos check out the Australian Fullips site HERE or the original US site HERE


Please note that this kit has been gifted to me for reviewing purposes. However, all reviews are my own opinions.


What do you think, sistahs? Would you give this a go?


Til next time,


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20 thoughts on “Product Review : Fullips Lips Enhancer – Plump or dump?

  1. evsevia sergidou says:


  2. Its not a bad product, but you can do the same thing with bottles and stuff right? For european people you can buy it at, or on Ebay. Its difficult to order from us.

    1. Hoi Sanne
      The difference with shot glasses and full lips enhancer: Full lips enhancer has a soft rounded edge that doesn’t leave marks around your mouth. There are no sharp edges and is very comfortable to use.
      Thanks x

  3. This has me very curious indeed, have always suffered from top lip non existence, might need to give it a go 🙂

  4. This can cause permanent disfigurement of the lips. Doctors advise against this. I posted on Instagram and my comments kept getting deleted. The company also posted a photo of a mom and a baby with one of the plumbers on the baby’s mouth. That restricts the child’s air flow and when mothers commented on the page ALL comments got deleted. This company doesn’t care about safety just sales!!!!

    1. For some reason I thought I had replied to this. Nicole, or should I call you Ashley?: there are strict instructions how to use this product. The disfigurement you are talking about are teenagers using glass shot glasses that have shattered and cut their lips. As long as you adhere to the instructions it is not harmful. I don’t know where you get your information from, but it is certainly not backed up with facts. Show me what doctors advice against it and i will retract my post. This is not a new thing, cupping has been used for centuries. When you get your facts straight, let me know, and THEN we can talk.

  5. Veronica Lee says:

    LOL Nicole, get a life. You sound like you have wayyyyy too much time on your hands. Also, at least read your mean comments before you post them – I can’t imagine the baby had a “plumber” on its mouth.

      1. Veronica Lee says:

        I absolutely loved your article and all of the work you put into it!! : ) Keep up the great work and don’t let the mean people get you down!

  6. My friend sent me this link this morning, it has made my day! Clearly I have been living under a rock lol….and @Nicole, my guess is you end up banned from a lot of places for being what the rest of us call a “troll”. Maybe you could try spending all that free time you have doing something positive for a change!

    Keep up the good work Barbe, and don’t let those trolling get in your way!

      1. Are these hard or soft plastic rubber..i just purchased o r from Amazon I just l know if the one I bought is real or a copy..
        Thank you

        1. They are hard plastic. Just make sure that the edges are rounded and not sharp x

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