Fox in Flats Style DAREcember – Week 4 Round Up

WEEK 4 of DAREcember.

I have only just gotten around to write about the last 9 days of the Style Challenge. I have not been terribly busy, just on holidays! 🙂

The last week of the Stylechallenge really was a challenge. I find it much easier to think of funky things to wear when I am working. I go in SLOTH mode when I am on holidays.



And we are on holidays!!

Here is my holiday uniform, cuffed ripped jeans and cuff type bangles, from Tiffany & Co and Amber Sceats.


fif cuffed ripped pants




Day 23. GOING UP

Hair is up in a high ponytail. The first time in many years that it is actually long enough to wear it like this. Yay!



Fif High ponytail muscle top


Day 24. BAUBLES.

I actually forgot to do this on Christmas Eve. Too much running around!



OK. So I wore a very light shade of red. Pink in fact. I HAD to wear my new Chanel lippy!!!



Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 98 Etourdie
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 98 Etourdie




Day 26. WHITE.

I think I like Boxing Day even better than Christmas Day. Pool + Leftovers + Snooze + book = Boxing Day.

Wearing my Rusty knitted beach throw-over and a bikini. all day.


Fif White




Boxing Day sales! This gorgeous Mimco Headset was not on sale unfortunately. It was going to set me back $300 buckeroos.

But we can dream can’t we.


FIF on my head mimco





Metallic Espadrilles from Seed Heritage. By this time we had driven down the south coast to our van. The local club has some really weird carpet.

so here we go: Metallica Galactica!


FiF Metallic


Day 30. SLICK

By now I really am clutching at straws. My SLICK patent Birkenstocks and my SLICK Witchery Aviators. Also slicked back hair, covered in conditioner against the sun and topped with a hat.

yer. I know, not really slick. Pretty picture though.


FiF Sleek




Last day of 2014! I am on holidays, in a freakin caravan and there is not going to be too many sparkles on my clothes tonight! Left my sequin pants at home I am afraid. But I do have a few sparkles on my sandals!

Peace. Love, Health and Happiness.


FiF stylechallenge, sparkles


And that my dahlinks, was DAREcember for 2014!


Did you play?



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Til next time,

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM


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