Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Make Up Tutorial for Halloween

My niece Shannon is visiting us from Holland. Like me,  she is addicted to fashion and make up. She also has a blog! So when I asked her if I can use her face for a Day of the Dead Make Up tutorial, I really already knew the answer.


So why this tutorial?

I did a half face make up on myself for a Zumba/Halloween dress up party a few years ago and it came up quite well. There are millions of tutorials out there that are really intricate and beautiful, but this look is very simple, and very easy, and you don’t need a degree from a beauty school to tackle this one. This was my look a couple of years ago. You try Zumba-ing with all that gunk on your face.

No mean feat.




So here it is. I didn’t want to spend $33 on a white base foundation so I went to the Reject Shop and bought a face painting kit. Not ideal, because the white is quite transparent. A more opaque and less patchy look would have been preferable.

Yeah. I am a cheapskate.





  • White cream base on the face and neck.
  • Ben Nye Pressed Colour Palette Essential Eyeshadow and Rouge Palette. (White as setting powder over cream base. Black and pink for under the eyes and blending into the black on the lids. Also used brown to shade the neck and cheekbones)
  • Rimmel soft brown Kajal to carve out the area around the eyes to fill in with black later. Also used to carve out the shape of the nose.
  • Rimmel soft white Kajal on the waterline
  • ELF Black eyeliner all over the eyes up to the eyebrows, and to line the sockets. I then used the same eyeliner to scallop the edges to create an appearance of flower petals, filled in by MAC Kiss me Quik lipliner.
  • Modelco Mascara


Music was going to be Monster Ball by Hilltop Hoods but Youtube wouldn’t let me use it, so now we have generic muzak.



This is a very simple make up that most can handle. I have been collecting some amazing images of Sugar Skull images and tutorials on my Pinterest board. Check them out HERE


I hope you enjoyed it. I will get better as I do more, and next time I promise I will ensure there is no close up of my arm.


Til Next time,


Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM



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4 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Make Up Tutorial for Halloween

  1. Love it! Looks great and not crazy hard to do which is awesome because I missed out on the ‘does great make-up’ gene! 🙂

    1. haha Sarah, it is all making sense to me now! The gene skipped a generation with my daughter who actually detests wearing it. She needs to for Cheerleading competitions but refuses to wear even a little mascara otherwise. The gene went missing there! x

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