July 2014 – Fox in Flats Style Dare



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The Dare that started it all.

The Instagram addiction, the endless, shameless selfies…

But also the amazing, supportive Instagram community of women that are so wonderful, so caring and so uplifting, that I wonder what I did without them.


I have done a few of these challenges now, and this one has been a lot of fun. Some of the community has had some input in the July list, and it made us work extra hard to fulfill all the challenges.

Not only is this incredibly great fun, it makes you  shop your own closet, feel a little glam for a few minutes a day and totally get pulled out of your comfort zone.   The Dare makes you have a go at wearing things you normally wouldn’t wear. (in my case it was textured tights for Day 22 Pins with a Punch).

If you need more reasons why you should join in, have a look at all these reasons that explain it all:  Click Here for Fox in Flats 

Your own 15 minutes of fame RIGHT there.

Below are the top 10 photos that were “liked” the most on Instagram



Day 1 | NECK PARTY. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare A collection of fine gold and not so gold. One of them given to me by a very dear Dutch friend x.
Day 2 RED LIPSTICK @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare @limecrimemakeup Red Velvet. Current fave. (Excuse the dodgy lipline. Was still blurry eyed early this morning!)
Day 3 | TUCKED IN @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare #allblack. Again. I like this because it looks like a jumpsuit without having to take EVERYTHING off when visiting the little girls room. @witcheryfashion cross shirt, pants and cami. @wittnershoes toppers. #leopardprintjunkie #myshirestyle
Day 6 | IT’S ALL WHITE. @seedheritage pleather pants. @asos sunnies. @pricelineau gift with purchase bag @wittnershoes bought from Elle fefison from the bloggers market. Top from Ebay. I was wearjng silver runners before for a trip to Ikea. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare


Day 8 | CURLED. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare Dirty hair, big curls and filters for a close up #lovemyfilters #vainashell


Day 9 | IN-JEANIOUS. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare Lucky I don’t have to visit any CORPORATE clients today, just creative types. Chambray = jeans No?
Day 12 | PARTY GIRL | @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare If I had a party to go to this is what I would wear. My new sequin pants as seen worn 3 different ways on my blog now.
Day 14 | COMFY CHIC | @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare Omg freeZing today. Having a quick coffee and straight back into it. Busy day today. Comfy to me is wearing layers without constrictions: layering chic frenchy stripes, boyfriend blazer and elastic topped pleather trackies. I am wearing flat moto boots but I have inserted my secret weapon: wedge heel inserts. Gives me an extra 2 inches of height and confidence. Top and boots from Witchery
Day 15 | EAR BLING. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare This is a latergram from Saturday. Not that I went anywhere but I took some shots for my blog. I can really wear massive ear bling because moest of the day my war gets glued to my phone. Ear cuff @herfashionbox May. Earrings @oroton


Day 19 | SEXY TRESSES. @foxinflats #foxinflatsstyledare miserable today so it is a day of writing, taking photos and generally mucking around. I have a big day planned tomorrow, I am a guest speaker and a judge at @mixittofixitnsw a fun fundraiser for @nbcfaus So I am trying pink hair, hair spray from @herfashionbox May with a bit of extra help from my clip in extensions. I thought Pink hair for tomorrow



Here is the rest of the best!


I hope you may get a little bit of outfit inspiration out of this post. Thanks Andrea/Fox in Flats, it has been fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

Will you join us too?


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Or search for Fox in Flats on my blog.



Til Next time


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3 thoughts on “July 2014 – Fox in Flats Style Dare

  1. I love your style! And I love how many diverse looks you have here- though they are all absolutely and completely glamorous!!

  2. Carol-lea Morgan says:

    It was great fun and I really enjoyed taking part…even though I have developed an unnatural selfie obsession

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