You can Shake the Sand from your Shoes, but it will NEVER leave your Soul – a Five (well, Six actually) Photo Safari

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Even the most Stylish Suburban Fashionista needs to take a break and wallow around with unstyled hair and naked face.

This weekend was such a time. We were on our way to our beach shack

(70s onsite caravan) down the South Coast of NSW, at Gerringong.

Regular readers may have seen this mentioned in earlier posts, and it is my

very favourite place to unwind, and let the cobwebs blow away by some

salty air.

This also coincides with this week assignment for a blogging course I am

doing: Blog With Pip

Take at least 5 photos of your weekend!
Create a post (or document if you don’t yet have a blog) using those photos.
Write about them too – maybe a long post… maybe a shorter post… whatever makes sense to you.


So my plan was to take photos to do with the beach. I would look for textures, and would experiment with my new camera using different settings for depth and moods.

I started taking the first photos on Saturday. It was cold, but clear with blustery wind and I wanted to reflect that in the following photos.

Thanks to my husband for taking the first one. x



My quest for good photos continued the next day. The sun was dazzling and there was no wind. Considering this is Winter, I was definitely not complaining. The sun felt comforting on my face and full of promise of a Summer with lots of beach days.

I climbed on the rocks, with my camera around my neck, looking as though I knew what I was doing. Ha! I wanted to capture the lovely morning sun reflecting off the water.


Down the rocks, onto the beach.  I had to get sand between the toes.


It still felt cold, and nothing like the sand that is to come in Summer, when we are running across the beach because the sand is too hot on our feet.


Walking along the beach, back to the van, ready to pack up and go back to Sydney.


Thanks Gerringong, for your hospitality. Again. See you soon.



Read some more about Gerringong and the South Coast in some previous posts.


Til next time,


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21 thoughts on “You can Shake the Sand from your Shoes, but it will NEVER leave your Soul – a Five (well, Six actually) Photo Safari

  1. mummymanifestodotcom says:

    Hi Barbe, you have a great eye, hope you keep up with the photography.

  2. Kathryn Skinner says:

    Great photos, I felt like I was there! Kathryn 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more! We all need to hang up our heels and take off our makeup every now and then 🙂 looks like a blast! xo

  4. Carol-lea Morgan says:

    Gorgeous shots…you are taking to photography like a duck to water xx

  5. Beautiful images Barbe, I could get a real sense of the place and how relaxing it is to be there.

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