The Return of the Mule

mule 2  (myl)


A slipper or shoe that has no counter or strap to fit around the heel.

[Probably French,slipper, possibly from Middle Dutchmuil,
ultimately from Latinmulleus
 (calceus)reddish-purple (ceremonialshoe).]
It is still cold. Cold enough to wear boots, scarves, knits and coats.
Summer is on its way. Ok, not for a while yet, but it is coming.
One of the big trends in the European/US Spring/Summer 2014 has been the return of the Mule. Now, I feel a little sorry for the mule. It was last seen in the 90s – not a good era overall, and they were usually worn by women of a certain age… –  (but hey Birkenstocks are back, so why not Mules?).
This version, is a sleeker, more modern take on the nanna slide.
Personally, I have always loved them. So one makes a little more noise when walking, but there are no buckles!!
Just slide them on, and off you go.
Check out these boring old Mules.










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Can’t wait to slip those babies on!!


Wanted Shoes already have a nice little selection, with no doubt, more to come as the weather gets better.

Nine West just one pair of mules so far.

Tony Bianco is the winner with the sexiest Cinderella Mules of them all.


Trust me. This is the must have shoe of the season.


Til next time,


Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM







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10 thoughts on “The Return of the Mule

  1. I’m really glad that the mule has made a comeback… and a really serious comeback too. Mules never looked so good! I cannot wait to get a pair 🙂

  2. I really wish I had kept my mules – high, black and totally gorgeous they were. Can’t wait for the full on return xx

  3. Loved em in the nineties. Love em now. Bring on spring!

  4. Carol-lea Morgan says:

    Yep…can’t wait to get some!! I’m thinking Tony Bianco leopard print!!

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