What I found at Kmart today – Brand new outfit under $50!

You all know I am Kmart’s biggest fan.

I have been trying to decide whether to purchase a Witchery sheer black net polka dot shirt ($159.95) that I spotted (see what I did there??) .  I had tried on a beautiful Sass and Bide sheer dot overshirt ($350 sold out!) for a special occasion a few months ago, but decided against it, and have been looking for a more cost-effective alternative.

I like me some spots and I like me some sheer.

Witchery Mesh Spot Shirt
Witchery Mesh Spot Shirt



Sass and Bide
Sass and Bide The Bloom Room blouse



Guess what. I found a really nice one at Kmart. Kmart, I knew you wouldn’t let me down!

I went up 2 sizes so I could wear it loose, over a cami for work, or a beautiful satin bra or corset at night: AUS$17.00

Let me repeat that:


How could I not!










The super stretchy dark Ink Blue skinny jeans were AUS$15.00  In the basket you come!






Then this happened. This gorgeous little thing was yelling out at me: “take me home, take me home!”

So I did. I took it home for AUS$15.00




Total cost: AUS$47.00

I am one happy little vegemite.


The sheer blouse is definitely a trend we will see more of, mark my words.

Check out the celebrities wearing the trend EXTREMELY well.


Angeline Jolie
Angeline Jolie



Roxy Olin
Roxy Olin
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton
Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


Whaddaya think? Is this a trend you would take on?

Did I do well or did I do well?



Til Next time,

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15 thoughts on “What I found at Kmart today – Brand new outfit under $50!

  1. Am heading to Kmart in the morning, will be devestated if they don’t have these like the case of the leopard trackies!! Then I will be employing you as a personal shopper

  2. You did extremely well! I love the blouse you got. I actually like it better than the pricey blouses you were looking at. I hope it wears well for you and holds up to washings, but for the price you can’t go wrong. You look fabulous! And the bag is awesome too!

    1. Thank you Karen. Always such a thrill to find something great at the right price. That bag will be one of my favourites! Z

  3. Off to K Mart. It has been too long since I had a trawl through there.

  4. I am hitching my fashion conscious to your wagon!! Two things spoke to my heart – K Mart and that sheer top. I have been eyeing off the sheer top for a few weeks but couldn’t justify the cost…but now….you just rocked my world, lol.

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