Fashionista in Suburbia Guide to Dress Codes with the Best of MercedesBenz Fashion Week

This post was first published 2 years ago but is as relevant now as it was then.


Are you as confused as me about dress codes on invitations?

Stress no more,  I have done the hard yakka and researched it for you.

My Mantra is: Overdress always! Regardless though,  it is nice to know that you have nailed the look, without committing a terrible fashion faux pas.

White Tie
The dressiest, most formal mother of them all. Think government and aristocracy galas. Very rare that these come up for us Suburban Fashionistas unless you’re lucky enough to have nailed down prince Harry.

Black Tie
Think red carpet events, award ceremonies and sometimes weddings. Black Tie is definitely long or ankle length gowns for women. (No, not your maxi boho skirt from Byron Bay!) Go for glamour – silk, satin, beading, chiffon. Carry a small (beaded) clutch.
Black Tuxedos with white dinner shirts and bow ties for men, but apparently, according to my research, a skinny black tie is acceptable too.

Mercedes-Benz Presents Carla Zampatti - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 Carla Zampatti: Getty Images
toni maticevski
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014- Toni Maticevski. Credit: Getty Images





Cocktail or Lounge Suit
This is a little confusing.

For women: Cocktail requires knee or a little higher length skirt. (No crotch showing minis!!) Usually in the richer fabrics like silk, satin, lace and embellishments, and strapless is acceptable. Strong statement jewellery is perfect. Clutches or beaded purse. A dressy jumpsuit is a great alternative.
Men: black suit, white shirt and tie.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014- Toni Maticevski. Credit: Getty Images(this is a little short for cocktail but is balanced out with a high neck)
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014-AURELIO-COSTARELLA. Credit:
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 – Toni Maticevski. Credit:

Lounge suit is marginally less dressy than cocktail.

For women: Lower heels, less statement jewellery. No beaded, or embellished clutch. More business like.
Men have an option to wear grey or navy with tie. Whatever they would wear to work: play around with a coloured tie and a pochette for a dapper look.

Alice McCall
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 – Alice McCall. Credit: Getty Images
Mercedes Fashion Week 2014 – Sarah Murdoch backstage wearing Alex Perry


Mercedes Fashion Week 2014 – Christopher Esber. Credit:



Smart Casual

Let me come straight out.


Women and Men: Even unripped jeans could be a bit of a faux pas: but a black pair of jeans, with a blazer might just work.

If you want to play it safe:

Women: A nice frock with a pair of heels, or separates – like a pencil skirt and blouse/shirt, wide legged pants or jumpsuit, this is probably the most versatile of dress codes. Leave the small clutch at home. Go for a larger style clutch with no embellishments.

Men: Chinos, slacks, collared shirt, no tie required. Easy peasy.


Mercedes Fashion Week 2014 – Christopher Esber. Credit:



Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Alice McCall. Credit: Gettys


Ginger smart
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 – Ginger and Smart. Credit: Gettys




Now that wasn’t so hard after all, was it?

And if you are reading this, I don’t have to remind all you Gorgeous Fashionistas, to NOT forget the mani and pedi. Take your bloke with you when you have your nails done!

Oh and please. Stay classy. Not too much skin showing. Save that for when you go clubbing.


Til Next time,

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  1. Nicely done. I’m with you: overdressed is just a question of perspective. If you think you are overdressed, don’t change your outfit, change your perspective! 🙂

  2. Best makeup artist on Insta .. Wears Khaki and white and all colours inbetween .. Love every post ???????????

  3. Mercedes benz fashion week is amazing. Thanks for sharing on this.

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