What I wore for Fox in Flats Style Dare March – Week 1


Yayy! I love these challenges! I have done a few of these now on Instagram and we have build quite a lovely, stylish, supportive community.

I knew the March Style Dare would be extra challenging for me, because I would be starting a brand new job and my focus would of course be on this project!

Anyway, the first 7 days have been done and I managed to do 6 of the 7.

Wearing a sparkly metallic cardigan from Seed Heritage and a sparkly encrusted Michael Kors watch.


Day 2. BRAID.
I only have shoulderlength hair and a braid is somewhat impossible. Plus the fact I am HOPELESS at braiding. Just ask my daughter. I got help from my trusty old clip on extensions.



Day 1 at my new job. And a charity event to go to straight after. Such a long exhausting day, but my MAC Ruby Woo perked me up.



My hairdresser had shown me how to do this hairstyle because I was in a bit of a pickle. A Gala Event straight after work with no time for a hair apointment!! I teased and sprayed and used my clip on extension to fold under. Not bad considering I did this in a public toilet!!20140308-212252.jpg


I am not keen on hair accessories apart from a hair tie.
Here is my take on it.



I didn’t get around to doing this one, maybe at a later date?

Day 7. BOOTS

Wearing my new Witchery flat boots!20140308-214225.jpg

These challenges  take you out of your comfort zone trying things that you would normally don’t do.

Why not wear red lipstick on a work day?

Why not use something in your wardrobe and wear it a completely different way?

It is not too late to join. Just jump right in and show us how you wear the next weeks prompt. Hope to see you at #foxinflatsstyledare.

Now what to wear for ‘Angelic’…

To read more about these dares, check out my previous challenges: click HERE and HERE

Check out Fox in Flats Website!

Come join me!

Til next time

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12 thoughts on “What I wore for Fox in Flats Style Dare March – Week 1

    1. Thanks Kristina! If you see everyone elses photos, they are soo beautiful! One has to keep up with the Artsy Instagram offering! By The way, I just woke up and noticed in my haste to get that post out, I forgot day 4!! I have updated it. Thanks for commenting.x

  1. I know this is a bit off topic, but in Day 5 hair accessory, your makeup is absolutely perfect! I also j’adore those boots 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! And the boots have given me blisters, so they are back in their box for a little while. :-/ I forgot to post day 4. I have slotted that back in. Thanks for commenting!

    1. One thing about these challenges is that you start to plan ahead of what you will wear. So much quicker to get ready for work in the morning!
      I have my eye on some plaid for Wild West.
      Join us on INstagram, it is great fun. I omitted Day 4 in my haste to get this out on day 8, so that picture is up on the post now. Thanks for commenting. x

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