Product Review : Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

If you are a tad sensitive about seeing feet and crusty heels, you better stop reading.

If you want to know about a product that will give you smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom feet: I have found it for you.

If you have the stomach for it, keep reading!>



Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – Electronic Foot File.

Get feet that look great and feel super smooth without any hassle. Velvet Smooth buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving you with fabulous feet that you’ll want to show off. It’s so easy to use. Gently rotate the file over hard skin and see the dead skin disappear.

I am impressed.

A long summer of wearing no shoes, or Birkenstocks – have left my feet, let’s say, a little sad and neglected.

I was about to book in for a pedi today when I spotted this little gem at my local chemist.

I can liken this to my husbands belt sander. It does a similar job. Whoop when you see dust flying (yup, that is dead skin, people)! Note: this is DEFINITELY an OUTSIDE job.

Around 5 minutes of filing left my feet looking a lot less crusty. I think for it to be completely effective it should be used a few times.

Photo coming up of one crusty foot and one super smooth foot.
Turn away now if you can not handle it!


So you as you can see, even super glamorous Fashionistas get feet that need to be hidden (heaven forbid people are behind you going up the stairs so they can see THOSE heels!!), but this little fella, it could be a marriage saver.
After using the Scholl, take your partner out for a nice dinner. Take your shoes off under the table and run those smooth sexy feet up his leg. No rough skin to catch the fabric of his trousers. Ha! Winning!


I paid $36.95 at Chemist Warehouse. I forgot to check how much the refills are but a quick google tells me they are around $17 for 2 refills.  4 AA batteries are included and it will be very interesting to see how long they last. It is a little noisy but very easy to use.

When I am back in my routine working, I usually have pedicures every 4-5 weeks or so. By having this gem, I will do my own pedi’s. I think I can save myself some moulah to spend on more shoes!!! Wooohooo!



  • Shoes by ZU – discontinued but find Similar ones on sale on their site HERE
  • Nailpolish by Chanel nr 483 Vendetta

I am an addict.

Seriously. Go get one.

Til Next Time,

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11 thoughts on “Product Review : Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

  1. This looks so interesting! I wonder if they have something like it in the US? Looks like it did a great job and you can defiantly save money doing it yourself 🙂

  2. Nice! Looks like it worked beautifully on your heels! And that fact that it included batteries is a nice bonus – batteries are expensive!

  3. Oh wow! This is the perfect time of year to start working on those callouses! Spring is right around the corner and it looks like you found a magical tool perfect for those alligator heels! <3 I don't think I've seen that around where I live, but if it's made by "Dr. Scholl" then it must be great!

    1. It certainly did the trick! Time to get those tootsies out of boots and stockings for you guys! Thanks for commenting! X

  4. This looks amazing!! seriously, this winter has left my feet really neglected…this sounds like a good idea for Spring!!

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