What I wore for my Bali holiday


I am such a bad packer.

I start off well. Making a list of outfits and possible other combos. But then this little voice says: take some more, summer clothes don’t weigh much. Why not take that 8th pair of swimmers? Why not pack those extra pair of gold sandals – you have silver, but you NEED gold.


I end up tossing so much extra in that I am nearly over the allowed weight before I start.

I pack as I live my life. Full, with good intentions but changing course very quickly, a little chaotic, and lots of : just-in-case ‘s

The beautiful Island of Bali is very very hot and humid. It is not quite the rainy season, but it is getting very steamy. (Yes i left my hair straightener at home, there really is no point)

So what did I wear on the plane to fly for 5 hours?

I was very clever and did the layering thing.

A long singlet minidress worn as a top by Witchery, some loose comfy Seed chambray track type pants and a loose poncho cotton drape by Charlie Brown. Silver Espadrilles from Seed and a Louis Vuitton scarf to wear when it gets cold on the plane. I wore my new Witchery hat because i didnt want it to get crushed in my luggage. 🙂

As soon as we got close, i tied my scarf around my bag, took off my pants and voila! ready for TROPICAL (see the top picture of my posse when we left. I am second on the left).

Some things I wore, some things I didnt and some things I bought.


Singlet Dresses

Ok so maybe i overdid it with taking 3 black and 1 brown ones, but boy, these are a dream to wear. For a start you dont see the sweat stains, and you can dress these up or dress them down. Or as a long singlet or as a dress.

My new Witchery twist back Navy and White Cotton dress.

Loose. Cool. Wear over bikini or out for dinner with a bandeau, which is what I did one night.

Loose harem pants.

I bought a silk pair in Bali last trip and they are the comfiest pants I have ever worn. ever.

Ripped denim shorts.

A staple.


My Chambray Pants

Didnt really need them on the plane, they really were superfluous.Never took them out of the case again after the first day. Same with the white pants that are similar to the Chambray.

My Harem Pants that were not a natural fabric

A bit nylonnie and oh so hot.

My Witchery Wedges

Have you seen the Bali Streets???

My Exercise gear, including my runners, shorts and croptop

I never even went for a walk unless it was to the bar, to a dining table or for shopping!

One of my lovely friends Jo asked me this:

Hi Barbe, looks like you’ve been having a fab time in Bali (one of my favourite places). As you are in a tropical climate I have a question for you that might make it to your blog! My hair is shorter than yours, it’s not quite long enough to make a credible ponytail but long enough to go totally damp & frizzy against the back of my neck in humidity. We’re off to Morocco at the end of the year, any ideas how to pull my hair back without looking ridiculous? Jo xxxx

Jo, fortunately Morocco is not as humid as Bali, it is a much drier heat. The only way I coped with my hair was to lather it in a hair masque, or conditioner and scrape it back behind my ears. Your hair length is perfect for this. Even an oil to slick it back, the “wet look” looks great. Top it with a hat, and you look cool, and your hair will love you for it. In fact, my hairdresser was amazed in what good nick my hair was! You could also use a wide headband, or fold a silky scarf into a headband and tie it in the neck. Wear a big pair of sunnies, a la Jackie Kennedy!

Have a great time Jo xoxox

Back to Bali: here are some of my outfits!









Do you have any tips for dressing for hot humid weather?

Have you been to Bali?

Barbe    x

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Dutch Born, Fashionista in Suburbia lives at the Southern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. A Mum. A Wife. A Lover of all things sparkly, shiny and leopard print. A Shoe, Lipstick and Sunglasses Addict. A Typical Libra. A Breast Cancer Thriver.

9 thoughts on “What I wore for my Bali holiday

  1. Oh la la, you were in real paradise ! If the pretty girl with long hair is your daughter, well, style runs in the family then ! I love the pink-ribbon tattoo on your foot, and, of course, all the cool black pieces and leopard-print accessories ! XXX

    1. Yes that is my daughter, thank you so much. We had a beautiful holiday it was very special. You and me are black and leopardprint soulmates! X

  2. I hope you enjoyed this holiday trip!! I love your Leo sandals, they looks amazing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes I have been to Bali (Lol) Looks like you had an amazing time sorry we couldnt catch up. One fashion accessory I never foget to pack is a sarong – can use it in so many ways from a wrap to a bag.

    1. Sarongs are so handy! Bought myself some beautiful ones in Bali! Use it instead of a heavy towel and later even as a table cloth! X

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! I loved seeing your photos on instagram, so glad you had a wonderful time! I love the stripy maxi-dress in the last photo – is that the Witchery one?

  5. lol u are right, u pack a little too much!
    Barbe, I am such an anal packer and like us to travel light. I always pack with using one suitcase (a hard shelled Delsey) for the two of us. The 2nd case I just put in bits so at least we have an empty in case I end up shopping, lol
    Can’t wait to meet up with u in Oz and will hear first hand from u. We have never been to Indo and I have lusted for years to get there. NOw with one of the boy’s living in NZL we can consider this.
    See u soon, love Kas

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