What I have been asked to write about: Black on black suitable for working as a waitress

My pretty friend Kate suggested I write about all black outfits that she can wear to work as a waitress.

One of the funnest jobs I have ever had was working in an Italian restaurant when the kids were little. The dress code was All Black, so I have a little experience on this topic!

A few things to take in consideration:

  1. No matter how hot it gets, sleeveless is a no-no, there is nothing worse than having a waitress bend over you with her bare armpit in your face. Not nice.
  2. When wearing a pair of pants or black jeans, make sure they are not low waisted, you do not have any spare pants to hike up your pants all the time.
  3. If you wear a tshirt, make sure it is a bit longer. Remember you are bending over all the time, and for the same reasons do not wear a low cut or scoop neck top (unless you’re super confident and are fishing for more tips! Go girl! )
  4. Comfy shoes
  5. Comfy shoes
  6. Comfy shoes

If a skirt is required, go for a stretchy skirt that doesn’t ride up, and ballet shoes look super cute with this.


For a more trendier outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans. Just make sure they are not lo rise…



I would SO wear these last 2 outfits without being a waitress! Love black on black!

Nothing is going to be the new black.. Black is here to stay…

It is no secret that I am a fan of black on black and that is exactly what i wore today.

Still channeling Chanel I wore my 27 year old necklace with my all black outfit today. It has been dormant for a few years because the clasp has been broken for a while. My clever friend Rosemaria replaced the broken clasp with a a lovely black ribbon.
Thank you Rosie xo

I have found several great tops from Kmart recently. This one is sheer on the front and solid on the back. The other one has lace sleeves. Pretty and very, very reasonable.




Top and sunnies from Kmart
Black boyfriend blazer from Sportsgirl www.sportsgirl.com.au
Drop crotch pants from Sussan (3 years old) www.sussan.com.au
Wittner shoes www.wittner.com.au

Kate could wear this outfit minus blazer and necklace and swap the pumps for some combat boots.

What do you think Kate? Let’s go shopping!!

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6 thoughts on “What I have been asked to write about: Black on black suitable for working as a waitress

  1. Awesome necklace! Bet you’re glad you finally fixed that one! I love black on black, just not on me! 🙂 I hated waitressing at uni but they may have been because of the 2am finishes and 9am classes, still can’t believe I did that 🙂

    1. So happy that it is fixed! Wow, no wonder you hated your waitressing job! But I bet you run on about the same amount of sleep hours now! x

      1. Actually the last couple of months Bubba sleeps from about 6:30-6 so I’m getting a much needed decent stretch! I’m enjoying it while it lasts, though I still like to get up at 5 am and write (but I’ve always done that). Your photos are stunning! Look forward to your next post x

        1. That’s awesome you are getting a good sleep! Thank you for liking my blog, i am still learning. I am waiting for the day ppl are sick of seeing me on the photos!!! Xoxoxo

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