What I have been asked to write about: Leisure Wear

  • shudder*

The name alone makes me think of pink velour track suits, or even worse, parachute pants. Runners worn with jeans, or Bintang singlets from Bali. And that is EXACTLY what comes up when you Google: Leisure Wear. Try it.

This is what a friend said: “my work clothes are pretty casual like jeans etc however I love to be even more casual on weekends… More comfy than jeans but not so daggy as tracksuits… Something in between that’s still looks funky?”

Claudia’s idea of work wear is completely different than mine. Her work clothes are my casual clothes on the weekend.

Do I feel slightly jealous? Just a tad.

So I went hunting. Searching for Funky Leisure wear.

So it needs to be:

  1. comfy
  2. funky
  3. comfy

Orright then.

There are a few trends this year that could really work for what she wants.

Denim Shorts and pants

C wears jeans to work, but not like the ones i picked out for her. Trends in denim are: trashed/ripped in baggy (boyfriend style) and ripped skinny jeans in black and white.

C has great legs, she can get away with short shorts. Make them ripped, light coloured denim, like these One Teaspoon ones. Or white, like these Lee’s. Add a cotton knit, or a denim or leather jacket, you’re good to go to any festival, C! (Had to put some Ray-bans in there!!)

denim shorts

One Teaspoon makes the best baggy jeans, creatively called Baggies. Loose, comfortable, totally trashed and ripped, these would not be suitable even for C’s work! Another style, extremely comfy, are loose thin chambray pants. These ones, on the right are from Seed, but I have seen similar ones in Kmart as well.


She said:no trackies, but I lovvvve these:


casual wear

Really, casual is just so easy in summer. I have a few singlet dresses, mostly short but one is maxi. Most versatile. Ever. True story.
Wack on a scarf, a loose blouse, wear it as a singlet bunched up. Whateva. Must have.

casual wear


Good Luck Claudia. Have a look at the great pastels that are out now, the breton type stripey tshirts, floral skater skirts that look hot with little Converses or boots. Sports Luxe is a trend that is brought over from Winter to Summer. You may just have to reconsider those trackpants!

What do you think? Do you like what I picked?

Let’s go shoppingggg!

B. x


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6 thoughts on “What I have been asked to write about: Leisure Wear

  1. I think you nailed it! Another brand that perfectly describes funky leisure wear is Brandi Melville- it’s that total laid back, California cool look, like it’s always the weekend. Your round up reminds be a lot of their store 🙂

  2. I love what you picked! Funky leisure way is not easy because it can either look too casual (sweats) or too boring! But, I think your picks are perfect!! xo

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