Trends I like: Birkenstocks

I have a love/hate relationship with thongs (or flip flops depending on where you live). It is Australia’s national footwear of choice and many have an emotional attachment to the rubber toe sandals. On Australia Day, Thong Throwing competitions are part of the activities!
It must just be my feet, or the way I walk, but I have trouble keeping thongs on my feet. And there is nothing worse than the rubber rubbing between the toes.

So a light bulb went off when I saw Australian Designer brands like Bassike and Dion Lee using Birkenstocks in their Summer Campaigns.

Birkenstocks? Really?


The same chunky slip on sandals that slightly eccentric, intellectuals wear, sometimes with socks? (Ugh)


If Bassike and Dion Lee think they are cool, who am I to argue with that?

History of Birkenstock goes way back. 243 years to be exact. Check out the story HERE. (Australian site)

dion lee

dion lee

dion lee





Now, I’m not saying that I am about to Ebay my high heels, because I am a high heel kinda girl. And I need those extra centimeters on the bottom of my feet.

However, these actually look comfortable and just a little bit elegant.

I have some White Birkenstock Arizonas on order. I think my feet will actually thank me.

What do you think of Birkenstocks? Love or loath?

Photos from Affinita Elettive , Blue is in Fashion This Year, Bassike , Dion Lee

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9 thoughts on “Trends I like: Birkenstocks

  1. I generally am not a fan, but I’ve my seen them in black and white before. The tan version is popular here in the US. I have to say, those pics are really changing my mind. Those looks seem natural with the Birkenstocks, classy and casual. I think I’ve changed my mind!! Thanks! Xo

    1. Seeing them in pictures also made me change my mind. They sure have a bit of a hippy history. I hope i look as elegant and comfortable as they look in the pictures!

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  2. Birkenstock are great, I have been wearing them for years, I had them in white, brown and even a pink glitter which I loved very much, They may not be suitable as an evening wear but great in summer for informal outing. Thanks for a lovely post. Sara

  3. Just 5 minutes ago, I would have said “I hate them !”, but these effortless yet elegant looks have probably changed my mind !

  4. Love them! Bought my first pair during my 2nd pregnancy 16yrs ago, and haven’t looked back 🙂

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