Where I went this weekend – Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW

Ahhhh. Girly weekends. Such fun!

July 2014 – Fox in Flats Style Dare

The Dare that started it all. The Instagram addiction, the endless, shameless selfies… But also the amazing, supportive Instagram community of women that are so wonderful, so caring and so uplifting, that I wonder what I did without them.

You can Shake the Sand from your Shoes, but it will NEVER leave your Soul – a Five (well, Six actually) Photo Safari

Even the most Stylish Suburban Fashionista needs to take a break and wallow around with unstyled hair and naked face. This weekend was such a time. We were on our way to our beach shack (70s onsite caravan) down the South Coast of NSW, at Gerringong.

Where I went today – shopping at ZALIAH

I live at the Southern Beaches of Sydney. And I love to support local business. When I read about a mum and daughter team opening their flagship store just up the road from (Oh.

Perfume is like a new dress. It makes you quite simply marvellous. – Estee Lauder

I have worn the same perfume since 1996. It is my signature – It is what remind people of me. I make it easy for my family to buy gifts, just add to my collection of scent, body cream, shower gel, scrub, etc etc.

The Return of the Mule

mule 2  (myl) n. A slipper or shoe that has no counter or strap to fit around the heel. [Probably French,slipper, possibly from Middle Dutchmuil, ultimately from Latinmulleus  (calceus), reddish-purple (ceremonialshoe).

Shine shine shine! Sequinpants 3 ways!

I first spotted this elegant lady shopping for kitchens near our office. So Frenchy Chic with the perfect dark glossy messy bob, grey t, runners and sequined pants! I was so taken by her pants that I followed her around the corner to ask her where she for bought them from,  but by then she was totally engrossed with the sales person, so I felt that I couldn’t ask her.

What I wore this week – Winter Luxe Challenge Week 4 FINAL

Wow. A WHOLE month of indulgent selfies with warm winter outfits with a little sprinkle of luxury thrown in. Here is the last week of What I wore for this fun Fashion Challenge organised by Kim-Marie from Kimbalikes.

What I wore this week – Winter Luxe Challenge Week 3

Wow. Where is the year going! Week 3 of the hallenge of adding a little bit of LUXE to your winter dressing, challenge by Kimba Likes and Rachel from Redcliffe Style.

Faces I like : Alexa Chung and how I achieved her make up look. Sorta. Kinda.

There is something about Alexa Chung. Maybe it is her flawless skin, great ombre hair or her quirky cool fashion style. Even her plummy accent is so stylish.