My Skin Tightening Treatment – Did it work?

Make up is my passion, but my first love will always be skincare. A beautiful painting will not look its best on a creased canvas, will it?

I have been lucky enough to try out some fantastic salon treatments, which resulted in my skin looking better than it has in years at the age of 54. I have had a few  IPL treatments* at Bliss Day Spa for my hyper pigmentation over the last couple of years and they did wonders for these pesky dark spots. Read about that treatment HERE

Three months ago I received  a course of LED light treatments*, which resulted in an improvement in collagen and blood supply to the skin leaving my skin positively glowing, and two months ago, I underwent one Skin Needling treatment as well, to try and resurface the skin, in particularly the deep acne scarring on my forehead and cheeks. This worked quite well, but more treatments are needed to improve the scarring.

There is a missing link in my treatments:  part of getting older is losing elasticity in the structure of the skin, in particularly the foundation underneath: the facial muscles. So when I was invited by Bliss Day Spa to try out their new Skin Tightening Treatment I jumped at the chance!

The brand new machine that was used is the Pollogen Divine Pro by The Global Beauty Group. Without getting too technical – the skin tightening treatment is just one of three different treatments that this machine has to offer.

Daniela Boerma from Bliss Day Spa started with cleansing my skin and applying a thick gel that acts like protection  and increases the ease with which the hand piece moves over the skin.

The treatment itself is broken up in two parts:

  • Part 1. The DMA Component – (deep or dynamic muscle activation) which contracts the muscles. As Dani says, it is like a “sit up” for your skin! It feels like a slight twitch when the probes glide over the skin.
  • Part 2. The RF Component – (Radio Frequency) This method utilizes radiofrequency waves which is basically heat energy stimulating the  production of elastin and new collagen. Yes,  it feels like heat, but when close you can hear the buzzing of the Radio Frequency! Dani explains that with the new technology available, the exact right temperature is measured constantly to optimise skin tightening.


Together they work on non surgical facial lifting, decreasing puffiness by lymphatic drainage, smoothing of lines, and generally a plumper tighter skin. On my skin, the effects were immediate after the first treatment and after the 6th treatment, the improvements were very obvious. The treatment will continue to work on collagen production long term.

Join me at the beautiful Bliss Day Spa Salon for a video of my first treatment, and an update at the end vlogged straight after my 6th and last treatment.


After one treatment:


After first treatment Pollogen Divine Pro.
After first treatment Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa
After first treatment Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa
After first treatment Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa

Eyebrows are higher, cheeks are plumped and nasal labial lines are less deep


After 6 treatments

After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro
After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa
After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro.
After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa
After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro.
After 6 Treatments Pollogen Divine Pro at Bliss Day Spa


Eyebrows sit higher, cheekbones are plumped. Nasal Labial lines are softened. Skin tone is improved and make up slides on.

I am very happy with this treatment. I will be maintaining with a RF Facial to maintain and improve the lift every 6 months. The treatment itself is pleasant and very relaxing.  I have had compliments about the tightness of my skin and my daughter asked if I had more botox done! (my last botox was last October and my last filler appointment was last May). My make up looks so smooth on my skin, it’s amazing. My skin has definitely benefitted from this treatment.

No edit, no photoshop, but wearing make up


If you are in Sydney: The Team at Bliss Day Spa are trained in all aspects of beauty and you will not find a more caring and knowledgeable team. Every step of the way is explained and there is no guesswork needed about what to expect.

Please note that treatments marked with an asterisk were by invitation for reviewing purposes. Also note that this is a personal review, and results may differ for everyone. I have been blessed this year with some top notch treatments and the photos speak for themselves. I also invest in a good skin care regime and am fastidious with my routine. Check with your therapist what will work for you in treatments and skincare.

Thank you for inviting me Bliss Day Spa!

Is this a treatment you would try?


Til Next time,



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