Get ready with me – 5 minute make up!

Hello there Fashionistas!

Sometimes 5 minutes is all you have to spare when getting ready in the morning. Is it possible to have a full face of make up done in that time?

I really didn’t think it was possible to get it done in that time, but I set myself the challenge to do it under 5 minutes and guess what? It works just fine. You  might say, why even bother? But I see clients all day, and there is no way I can do this without my make up. It is a confidence thing – I would rather put my dirty hair up in a pony tail than not wear a little make up!

Watch how I created this look in 5 minutes:


I prepared by using the Maybelline Brow Tattoo over the weekend. This tint lasts for about 2-3 days saving you time in the morning.  Further more I used the following:


when using one colour eyeshadow, start on the outer corner of the eye. It will deposit most of the colour there, where you want it to go! Then you can easily blend it towards the middle and inner corner.


Hope you found this helpful, it was a challenge to myself!

“I will not be late tomorrow, I will not be late tomorrow…”


*please note these were gifted items for reviewing purposes

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4 thoughts on “Get ready with me – 5 minute make up!

  1. This look is gorgeous! You look fresh, flawless and your skin is glowing – so beautiful Barbe x

  2. I’ve said it before Barbe, I could watch you apply makeup all day, and never tire of it – I ALWAYS learn something ♥ Such a lovely natural beauty enhancing tutorial babe, thanks ♥♥♥

  3. Wiz kid!!!
    Such a soft pretty look. I love it and will be practicing to get my face this lovely in 5 mins – argh never gonna happen but I refuse to give up 🙂

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