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Etude house Tint my brows gelFashionistas.

Are you brow challenged like myself? Do you not feel complete unless your eyebrows are pencilled/drawn/dipbrowed/gelled/mascara’ed in?

Do you have, over the years slowly lost most of your eyebrow hairs and they have gone to that dark, horrible place, to join single socks and bobby pins?

Your brow collection is more than likely enormous (like mine),  but I have found something else to add to it. The Korean Etude House, semi-permanent peel off brow “tattoo” is all over social media, and one of my friends even tagged me in a Facebook post that was showcasing this gel. The gel is applied and dries like a rubbery gel. Once peeled off after a couple of hours, it leaves behind a tint to fill in any gaps between the hairs and also tints hair.  I hunted it down, ordered it from Ebay so I could try and share.

Check out the video below for a demo. (watch in HD to see it in much, much better quality!)

Some tips:

  • Ensure the area is make up and moisturiser free, and brush your eyebrow hairs down.
  • If you are hesitant going in with the gel straight away, pencil in a line to follow. (check the video how to measure where your eyebrows should start, end and arch)
  • Work quickly, it dries fast. You can’t go over the gel again once it is dried, it actually takes the dried gel off.
  • Use a smaller angled brush to do the edges a little more precisely
  • Use a cotton tip with make up remover to clean up the edges, or as in my case a make up wipe.
  • It is recommended that you leave the gel on for 2 hours, or for more long-lasting effect – overnight. I left it on for 2 hours.
  • I bought mine on Ebay. Just do a search on Ebay, it is sold on many different pages. I used the darkest: grey brown.
  • I don’t have any grey hairs in my eyebrows, so I can’t tell you if the tint is dark enough to cover those as well.
  • All I did after I peeled the gel off was to tidy up around the outline with some concealer. My brows were not touched up in the “after”photo.


I was worried, but there really was no need to be. I am pretty sure if you rub hard enough, any tint  will come off the skin – semi permanent is a bit of an exaggeration. In the meantime:  I like the results. It is much more subtle than expected when you see what the gel looks like when it is applied.

It will be interesting to see how long it lasts!

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And don’t worry girls. No one ever has 2 exactly the same eyebrows. They should be sisters, not twins.

Note: This photo was taken 24 hours after applying. I woke up like this.



Etude house Brow Gel
The Morning After – 24 hours after applying. Brows on Fleek. hair not so much


36 hours and 2 hours later, my brows have faded significantly. I can still get away with not using anything today, (although I probably will just pencil the tails) but I think tomorrow, it will be all gone. Next time I will sleep with the gel on!




Joining some great beauty bloggers over on Fabulous Fun Life!

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19 thoughts on “Peel off Eyebrow Tint – Etude House Tint My Brows Gel

    1. It worked really well. I have had a shower, and about to have another one, it will be interesting to see how long it will stay on. I have heard and read about different ways to take it off: start at the beginning or start at the tail, I think pulling WITH the hairs, starting at the widest end of your brow is better. No brow hairs were harmed in this video (thank god!) but I think pulling it the other way from what I did is better. x

    1. It was a bit of fun, thanks Angela. It didn’t pull any hairs out, I can’t afford to even loose one! But I do think pulling it the opposite way of what I did is probably better. x

  1. Louise Moroko says:

    Loved this blog, besides great eyebrows, very funny photos of other eyebrows x

  2. As I wrote on Instagram, this is the best video I have ever seen ♥ Barbe you are such a gorgeous babe, and there are times (like this) when you totally crack me up! Love your work, LOVE you, love your brows, and your bravery knows no bounds ♥

  3. LOL You are a crack up!!
    I would be interested to know how it goes on old lady grey brows. And I will be watching for your update on how long it lasts. Thanks Barbe x

  4. Your videos are hilaire, Barbe, this was gold. As a fellow non-brow haver, I am interested but also scared of this product!

  5. Wow, I love the brows you were able to create with this product! xx

  6. The Susan Boyle pic made me LOL! Love it Barbe & the results look great! This product definitely looks fascinating (certainly fun to scare people with once applied), but I’d only use it from my arch outwards as I’ve got half-brows. It’s a pity the results aren’t that long-lasting though.

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