A letter to my family – Mother’s Day wish list

Dear Family

Ever year since the Mother’s Day stall at school was outgrown, I get asked: “What would you like for Mother’s Day?”  It differs from year to year but the answer varies from “Nothing” to “Anything at all from Chanel, I am not fussy” to “Just a lunch with all of you”.

This year, because I am a nice person, I will make it easy for you, my beautiful family. 

I have made a Wishlist. 

I am a Beauty and Fashion blogger, just in case you have forgotten about my crazy, overflowing cupboards and wardrobe, so maybe steer away from those categories? 

Those blank walls at home? Maybe something for them? I discovered these great Aussie companies on Instagram: Yorkelee Prints have the most perfect scandi/coastal/modern Aussie prints.

Anything in a black and white in any size I would be happy with.

Olive et Oriel
Olive et Oriel

Another Aussie Company, that has the dreamiest prints ( the ones in the bedrooms? they are from this company) Olive and Oriel, and I think this one suits me to a T, don’t you think?

I am still excited to walk through the doors of our new place and get great pleasure out of fluffing around and karate chopping my cushions so they have a perfect V on the top. Never too many cushions! And psst. One of my beautiful  interior design clients Catherine, has just brought out some beautiful cushions. And kids, you might not think so, but I think I have room on the couch for a couple more cushions. Check out The Stables


The Stables Cushions
The Stables Cushions



Macrame workshop, iittle lane workshops
Little Lane Workshops

And something else: those boho macrame wall hangings I like: I found a workshop at Little Lane Workshops this month, where I can make my own! Yup. Buy me that!





Inspiration image from Pinterest
Pinterest image

You guys think it already looks like a jungle in our place, but I can think of spots I want more green. How about a vertical garden for the balcony? Bunnings and Ikea have some great solutions for that little nook on the balcony.

As much as I love our new place, the light isn’t always great for filming or taking photos for my blog. A ring light and some shadow boxes means I can fluff around taking flat lay photos and filming make up tutorials at night. But please. Keep the sound of the telly down because, it is not that professional to hear Masterchef in the background of my latest tute. 

(Speaking of which:  should you guys all of a sudden come into some money before the 14th of May: a new Canon 50mm f/1.2 Autofocus lens would be so amazing and will only set you back a couple of grand)

You know what would be fun too?  (and feel free to join me in this one, it will be a wholesome family outing) A fun workshop to blend my own gin! I am a bit partial to a gin and tonic as you well know, and wouldn’t it be just amazing to have my own bespoke of gin? Archie Rose Distilling Co  does tours and classes to make your own favourite blend of gin. (the present must include a taxi or über home!)

Archie Rose Distilling company
Archie Rose Distilling Company – mix your own gin blend

So. What do I want for Mother’s Day?

Nothing really. 

But if you insist on getting me something, my beautiful family, let’s do what we did last year and attend the Mother’s Day Classic to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Because that was one of the best days ever,  to have my children walk with me. 

mothers day 2016

Or otherwise anything from Chanel will be just fine. 

Love you

Mum. Xo

*none of these products are affiliates or are gifts. At all. Unless my family decides to get them for me.

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  1. Lea Summers says:

    Although I’m still going through the school Mother’s Day stall, I may need to borrow this! I love it!

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