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I did a little survey on Facebook: Who is the hardest to buy a gift for, and the answer was unanimous. The male folk in our lives. Our hubby/boyfie/bro/bestie/cuz/Daddy.

I thought it easiest to break them up in categories and shopping at The Giftorium at Myer at Westfield Miranda makes it all so easy. They have done the categorising for you!

The Foodie

He knows his Rib-eye from his Sirloin, always asks how you would like your meat cooked and delivers exactly to your taste with a smug look. He is all over Quinoa and ALWAYS makes his own (secret) sauces.



Gift Guide for him Christmas Giftorium Myer Westfield Miranda


  1. He LOVES his gadgets, and these will impress him: Loose Leaf Kale & Greens Stripper $16.95, Fermenting Crock (make your own Sauerkraut!) $129.95, Spirelli Spiral Slicer $39.95
  2. Italian Cheese Making Kit $39.95
  3. BBQ Accessories! Single Burger Press $14.95, Cactus BBQ Mitt $24.95, BBQ 3 piece set $29.95, BBQ Skewer Set $39.95
  4. Cookbooks: The Cook’s Table – Stephanie Alexander $69.99, Weber’s Barbecue Bible $35,  River Cottage A to Z $85.00


The Sport Nut

It may be that he likes to WATCH sports, or he actually likes to keep fit as well.  Either way, I have found some great gifts for Sporty Spice.


Gift Guide for him Christmas Giftorium Myer Westfield Miranda


  1. Seiko Solar Diver’s Watch $525, Fitbit Surge Fittness Super Watch$399.95
  2. Stainless Steel Soccer Table $49.95
  3. Nutri bullet $119, R&A Waterbottle with Leather Tab $40
  4. Dolce & Gabbana from $85
  5. Puma Suede Sneaker $110, Bonds Classic Logo Design 3 pairs for $17.95
  6. Sporty Books: Black Caviar $31, Resicilient by Mitchell Johnson, Pictorial History of Australian Test Cricket $49.95


The Rock ‘n Roll Die Hard

Rock on! Some goodies for the fella that likes to boogie.Gift Guide for him Christmas Giftorium Myer Westfield Miranda


  1. Crosly C100 Turntable $399, dust off those old LPs he has lying around. Myer has a good range of turntables for all budgets. Go all old school and make him some Mixed Tapes. This Mini Boombox will let him play cassettes, but also has a USB port for more up to date technology. $69.95
  2. The JBL Portable Bluetooth speaker will let him play his music from his phone or tablet and force everyone around him to listen too.  If budget is not an issue, The Apple Watch will set you back $800. But with this watch, he can control his music by only using his voice. Pretty Schmick.  Harmonica $14.95 – (I take no responsibility for being the instigator of the most annoying noise at Christmas Dinner.)
  3. Natural Beaded Wristband Headphones. Boho Stylish when not in use. $49.95
  4. Ridleys Pop Music Quiz – let’s see how much he really knows! $25
  5. Ben Sherman London Vinyl Tshirt $59.95
  6. Books: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen $49.95,  Prince by Matt Thorne $25, 1001 Albums You Must hear before you die $39.99, Conversations with Mccartney $32.99


The Traveller

For the one that has itchy feet!

Gift Guide for him Christmas Giftorium Myer Westfield Miranda

  1. High Sierra Convertible Carry on, $159 (plenty of room for bringing back gifts for you),
  2. Luggage LeashTracking device $49.95 – track your luggage on your phone! Never lose it again.
  3. RFID money Belt $26.95 – protects your cards from being skimmed
  4. Jeff Banks Frogmouth Wetpack $89.95
  5. Go Travel Luggage Scale $28.95
  6. Go Travel Squeezy Silicon Cabin bottles
  7. Books: Lonely Planet – The Best Things in Life are free $29.95, Best in Travel in 2017 $24.99
  8. Worldwide Double Travel adaptor $69.95


Giftorium at Myer at Westfield Miranda has TONS more gifts to chose from: there are gifts for The Tech-Head, The Star Wars or Dr Who Fan. And then there is always loads of great socks if you are really stuck or have his own Nutella jar personalised for him!

So what did I get my husband?

Next year there will be new challenge with moving into a new house (when we find one!), and hopefully some travel is on the cards. My husband will be semi-retired so maybe we will get to do all those things that we planned to do. Unfortunately I am still working full time, but we can start planning.

Gift Guide for him Christmas Giftorium Myer Westfield Miranda

He has travelled extensively around Australia, me not so much. So I have bought him the Lonely Planet’s Best of Australia book, with bookmarks of where I would like to go together. I have added the Post-It notes for him to mark as well.

And because he is mr Fashionista, he needs to look the part. (read less daggy) and I bought him a couple of outfits as well. I kept it all to mix and match colours because then there won’t be any style mistakes.


Now that wasn’t so hard after all, was it?

Good luck with finishing of the gift buying, just a few more days left!

Is there anything you like here, or do you have any other suggestions?


Til next time,

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