What to do when your Hairdresser goes on holidays…

The Text “convo” went something like this:

ME: Sandra! Hairdresser to the Stars! I am desperate! I have been too busy to come and see you and I NEED my roots done. Have you got anything today? I am nearby!

Sandra: Oh I am so sorry Barbe, nothing today and I won’t be able to do anything now until I come back from Holidays at the end of the month.




It was only the middle of the month and my greys were  a-sprouting!!!

I had to do something!

How was I going to hide them for at least 2-3 weeks???


Here are some options:

First of all: Hair mascara! I didn’t even know such a thing existed!

1000 Hour Hair mascara. Instant touch up for grey hair

Get it from Priceline HERE for $10.39 on special. I use Medium Brown.

Note: 1000 Hour also does a Hair colour Stick. I haven’t tried it, so if you have, let me know what that is like?



(Semi) Permanent colour: The most annoying thing about using a more permanent colouring solution, an at home colouring product, is that you have to use the whole container just for your roots and throw out the rest.

It doesn’t cover the greys as well as a hairdresser would, but it will buy you at least 2 weeks. Some come as a ready made mousse, without having to mix peroxide/colour. And you just use what you need. This way there is no waste and it seems a bit easier to apply. I have used the Schwarzkopf before and Clairol does one too.



Here comes my favourite:

It is new, it is easy and it works best:

*L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch! Instant root concealing spray.

Ok, where have you been all my (mature) life. This is sooo easy to use and very precise with a fine nozzle, and the best thing, it doesn’t wreck my hair with more peroxide. And it lasts until the next wash! This is now part of my morning routine to stretch out that hairdressers visit! I spray and then I use  a brush to rub it in a little. (oh and psssst, it covers that bald patch at the back too!)

Oh  is that grey hairs I spy??


When all fails?

Cover up!!

what to do when your hairdresser goes on holidays....
Broken Fallen Street Hat
what to do when your hairdresser goes on holidays....
A Beanie!

A Hat!

what to do when your hairdresser goes on holidays....
even a pair of sunnies will do. On the top of my head. On the left.

Do you have any tips?

I wish i was as brave as the ladies in this post: Check out these gorgeous grey foxes. 




This was first published in August 2014 and has been republished as an updated version.

*this was provided as a PR sample for reviewing purposes



Teaming up with some awesome beauty bloggers over at Ingrid’s Fabulous and Fun Life Monday Madness. Check it out!


Til Next time,

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20 thoughts on “What to do when your Hairdresser goes on holidays…

  1. I use this now too Barbe after the very same situation I’m not a fan of greys but they come with the privilege of getting older I suppose,this root spray is awesome I agree Xx

  2. Wow, what a great product! Looks very quick and easy. I rarely dye my hair, so not an issue for me, but perhaps in future. Also love the animation at the start 🙂
    Mel recently posted…Korean Makeup HaulMy Profile

  3. Nice one Barbe – loved the pics of the silver foxes too, but…noooooo…I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I reckon grey or white with my skin tone would look atrocious – I guess it’s inevitable though. Just coloured and streaked my hair tonight actually – I am DETERMINED to not be a white-haired lady for at least another decade ha ha xxx
    katshepsutt recently posted…SPOTLIGHT: Jewellery Collection Part 2 (Ring Storage)…My Profile

  4. Funny this should come up, I just bought a can of Magic Retouch for myself and my Mum to try yesterday! The both of us started going grey at a young age (although Mum’s are worse than mine, obviously) and neither of us like the look, so I’m hoping this will cover it up until we can get to our respective hairdressers. Funnily enough, she was the one who put me onto the stuff – and she’s nowhere NEAR the beauty loving type that I am!
    Shell recently posted…Battle of the Curling Wands (Part 2): BaByliss Pro Siren 34mm Waving WandMy Profile

  5. I have this product and love it! I just need to get a lighter shade. I did learn to somewhat cover my roots and few greys between professional colourings. I have the DIY on it on my blog (shows as the top post), it’s specific for blondes but sure you could do something similar for brunette. 😀

  6. I have a patch of pure white on my head due to hitting my head a few years ago and destroying the hair follicles, so products like this would be so handy to keep in my house!! My most popular coverup technique is a thick headband, my hairdresser doesn’t like when I mess with my own hair hehe
    Jackie recently posted…Weight Loss Blog #39My Profile

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