Trends I like – The Skinny Scarf

We are pretty fortunate living in Australia, the climate  in most big cities is  pretty mild. Even in Winter there is no need for heavy coats and big bulky scarves. BUT WINTER FASHION IS JUST SOO MUCH NICER THAN SUMMER FASHION!!

ok rant over.

I am not complaining, I love the heat. (Heading out to the beach in 30C today) but I can’t help but drool over the REAL Winter fashion when all the overseas shows are happening.

One big trend in last year’s Autumn/Winter fashion overseas was the skinny scarf. Now this one we can do, Aussie chicks!! Even in our Summer!

With the current Boho trend not going anywhere anytime soon, the skinny scarf can be your cheapest necklace yet to wear with your off the shoulder gypsy top. And it is a perfect addition to the 70s trend continuing this Winter. Think ribbon or silk tie rather than scarf and you have a HOT version of the COLD trend.

This trend is perfect with a white man style shirt as recently seen at the Table Eight AW/16 press showing. (Major drool)

Table Eight White Shirt Black ribbon AW16
Table Eight White Shirt Black ribbon AW16


The thing is, it looks equally as good with a tank top, and off the shoulder boho dress as for work!

image skinny scarf boho


I recently picked up this Witchery top, which has a skinny tie scarf attached. Genius!

skinny scarf


Skinny Scarf - Witchery Top

skinny scarf witchery top

Buy it HERE  from Witchery. Buy a single skinny Scarf in some great patterns from Sportsgirl  – I love the spotty or lurex one!. Sussan’s has a great fringed one, see it HERE


I think this is my favourite, cheap ass trend so far. Instant 70’s cool. Both Margaret Zhang and Alexa Chung like this trend, and whatever they like, I like!



Is this a trend you would like to try?


Til Next time,



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  1. What a great read, and I reckon I’ll partake hon. You look totally hot in your top, tie and sunnies ♡♡♡

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