Is the Babouche the “IT” shoe for 2016?

The  Babouche was a big trend on the runways, but is very much an acquired taste. But if Céline, Chanel and Victoria Beckham give them the TICK of approval, who am I to argue?



Introducing what Vogue calls The Shoe of the Year:


babouche ‎(plural babouches)

Turkish or Moroccan slipper having no heel 

The traditional babouche are handmade from the softest of leather, and embroidered or beaded,  reminiscent of 1000 and One Nights stories and Middle Eastern Folk tales.
The ones that are showing up on the runways seem to be the Aladdin-style slip on types and always pointed. Feast your eyes on these magical beauties.
I really like this look.  I can see how these shoes can be easily incorporated in your work wear, especially man style dressing.  Eventhough they are flats with no heel to speak of, the pointy nose of the slippers ensure that it elongates the legs a little. Just a little.
So where to buy these is your budget does not reach the dizzying cost of the mentioned designers?
I found a whole lot of beauties on ETSY in all shapes and sizes. You better be quick, because no doubt they will be costing a hella lot more very very soon.
You’re welcome.
Do you like these? Would you wear them?
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3 thoughts on “Is the Babouche the “IT” shoe for 2016?

  1. Hey Barbe, Great post – a year later the babouche trend has hit us hard, at least in Berlin. However, it’s still difficult to find cool, real Moroccan ones. Cheers, from Germany!!

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