Product Review – Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer?

Hi Fashionistas!

Back in April,  my favourite fellow Dutch Youtuber NikkieTutorials informed us all that the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm is AMAZING for using as a primer underneath foundation, and the beauty world has been abuzz ever since.

Does it really work? I put it to the test.


My favourite Holy Grail primer is Mineral Veil by Hourglass. Foundation just glides on,  my foundation does not cling to any dry patches, and it makes my make up stay all day long. It also fills my lines and pores somewhat.

I have tried many primers, probably as many primers as foundations, but I keep coming back to the Hourglass.

Let’s look at the  Nivea Post Shave Balm:

The new Active Comfort System formula is quick absorbing, extra gentle, alcohol free & fragrance neutral. Enriched with naturalChamomile & Vitamin E to care for the skin. Instantly soothes & alleviate dryness of the skin. Reduced skin sensitivity withregular use. Dermatologically approved on men with sensitive skin.

top 2 ingredients are water and glycerine, and the latter is key to most primers. It gives “grip” to whatever you put on top.


Today was going to be a real test. At 7:30am the temperature was already 24C and it promised to be a hot, sticky and humid day.

I applied about the size of a 20 cent coin over my moisturiser and rubbed until it was absorbed and slightly tacky. hmmm I smell like a man!

Foundation I used was Estee Lauder Double Wear Camouflage Foundation in Medium Deep and I set with Williams Pro Zero Powder.


By 10:00am, I had driven over Sydney Harbour Bridge, visited 2 clients and was already a hot mess.


At least the office is air-conditioned (read COLD), and I got stuck into my paperwork and didn’t take another photo with my phone until 5:15. I had lunch and didn’t retouch my make up except for a little Chantecaille lipgloss.

Nivea post shave balm as a primer
17:15pm Tired, hot and bothered and shiny


Foundation is now settling in my pores and has disappeared around my nose. Also my forehead is very shiny.



In a normal situation I touch up my make up with a bit of powder or simply buff in a little more foundation with my stippling brush during the day. I had to stop myself doing this for the sake of the review, but it was oh so tempting!

Pores are evident and redness around the nose. Foundation has worn off but extreme heat may have something to do with it.




For my skin, Hourglass works better on the pores. but I do not think my Holy Grail would have done a better job in the extreme sweaty circumstances.

Would I have touched up my make up during the day, maybe at lunchtime, my make up would have lasted a lot better.

It smoothed my foundation, and made it very easy to apply.

Would I purchase again?

Probably not. I feel my Hourglass primer does a marginally better job than the Nivea.


This is an ideal primer for those that are on a budget, or do not have oily skin. It let me down on my Tzone, for those that do not have an oily Tzone: HAPPY DAYS!

And for around $10 bucks from the supermarket or Priceline, how can you go wrong?


Have you tried this Nivea Balm?

Let me know your thoughts!


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13 thoughts on “Product Review – Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as a primer?

  1. My fave primer is the HG too!
    I tried the nivea for mean post shave balm, and I wasn’t blown away either.

      1. If inrofmation were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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      3. AH!! it is your fault! you gave us material to read and then you disappear … 😛 ((hope you enjoyed your free time))Great one again but you know right ? …. where is the follow now ?    

  2. Interesting, I’ve seen a few bloggers, recommend this now. I use 3 different ones, Arbonne, Younique and Inglot all work well.

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