4 examples why 2015 was The Year of the Ugly Shoe!


I officially declare 2015: The Year of the Ugly Shoe!

But being the dedicated follower of fashion that I am, I have revelled in the ugly shoe trend, and I will carry them over to 2016! 

Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving the sky-high heels and wear them often, but there is something so deliciously rebellious about wearing “Man Repeller”  shoes (together with the drop crotch, culottes and the gypsy shirts that no man I know really gets!)

Here are 4 reasons why I believe 2015 was Annus Horribilus Footwearus:



Not exactly 2015 vintage ( I already raved on about them in 2014).  Y’all know my love of Birkies and I own 5 pair. Except for the gross look of the insoles, that are now dark with sweat/dirt (how do you clean this??) I LOVE the look and the comfort. They even come in clogs, sparkles, metallics and fur lined. A birk for everyone. Thinking of the Arizona Copper next, or the Madrid in tan. hmmm.





 Gladiators/wrapped/tied up

The Gladiator sandal came in all different shapes and went, in some cases ALLLL the way up to the thigh. Now, if you anything like myself, and carry a little extra added padding everywhere, gladiators going past your ankles are basically not a good idea. Unless you want your legs look like a rolled roast pork.  The high heeled versions are so gorgeous, and super glamorous. Styletread^ has a great selection. . I have my eyes on a medium heel; The Mollini Jayman Rose Gold.


jayman rose gold metallic by Mollini
jayman rose gold metallic by Mollini



White sneakers with everything

A big trend, one that I admire on everyone else except myself.

Some great ones to shop:

Jelly Sandals

jelly sandal
Jelly Sandal image by the viewfinder.nl


Well, well, well. These have come back for the third time in my lifetime. The plastic, transparent sandals! 1. I wore these as a teenager, with socks in Holland and for holidays without socks. On hot days, I would slide inside these sandals, not fun. 2. My daughter wore these when she was about 2/3. They were pink and had a huge flower on top. So cute. 3. They are back.

I have to say, there are some awesome ones out right now. I could be converted to wear these in the weekends all with the right styling of course. Rubi Shoes has them for AU$5. A more upmarket version is found at Holster (they have 40% off until Jan 8!)


And then there were the Mules, the Crocs (never ever EVER)  and spilling over to 2016 are the 70s revival Chunky Heels , anything peep toe, but also gorgeous, gorgeous minimal stilettos with ankle straps , Valentino inspired studded heels, anything in a nude or tan colour and espadrilles.

It was a real mixed bag last year, but a lot of fun.

Hear Hear to the UGLY SHOE is what I say!

I wonder if 6 pairs of Birkies are overkill…


Please note, ^ denotes an affiliate, which means if you click on the link or purchase something, I get a little bit of renumeration to add to my shoe fund, but will not cost you anything extra. 🙂

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