Where I went – Mecca Cosmetica VIP event meeting François Nars

If there is such a thing as a Make Up God, it would have to be François Nars. He started his own line of make up in 1994, after not being able to find the products he was looking for.

He shot his own advertising campaigns and to this day still does.

François Nars visited one of the Mecca Cosmetica Stores for a special launch event for the Steven Klein /Nars collaboration and to sign his new photography book.

Steven Klein is a fashion photographer with a very distinctive style, you will recognise his work immediately as work done with all the big fashion houses and Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Lady Gaga. The Fantascene collection was always going to be an amazing one, and we weren’t disappointed.

The queue was long and monsieur Nars had not arrived yet. The Mecca girls were so lovely, chatting with the customers in the queue to make the waiting less boring. He arrived together with his assistant Lena Koro who has been with him from the beginning, and there was applause and cheers. The excitement was building.


Francois Nars Books

Mecca Cosmetica Steven Klein x Nars launch

Mecca Cosmetica Steven Klein x Nars launch


Steven Klein x Nars Collaboration Launch


I purchased a few items and got in line to have my book signed by Francois Nars. He was gracious and friendly, and was quite happy to have a chat even though there were dozens of women still lining up. I told him that it was a shame we couldn’t put better weather on for him because of the rain, and he said that it could be worse, it could be New York where it is freezing.

He also complimented me on my make up and asked if I was a make up artist. I told him I used to be, and he said: “We can tell, you have the touch.”


So what does François Nars think is the BEST red in his Audacious collection?

He told me because I asked him:


Well, if the Make Up God says it is, then I need one, right?

He signed my book and we had a photo taken.


Starstruck, I went home.

Sigh. What a great night.

So here is what I bought:

Limited edition Nars An Abnormal Female Lip Pencil Coffret
The Bullet Shaped holder is solid metal and looks amazing. Contains 3 matte pencils: Sexmachine, Dragon Girl and 413 Blkr. The Nailpolish is a bronze called Hard to Get.


The Book



And as a gift, Mecca gave us an Audacious Mascara and an eyeliner



A great event, had an absolute ball.

I was so tempted getting one of the cheek palettes but alas. My budget wouldn’t stretch anymore!


For the Aussies: Mecca Cosmetica stocks the whole range except the Weapons of Distraction lip pencil coffret. These were a special edition for the night only.

Please note, I am not sponsored, I used my own hard earned money to purchase these items. I am just a starstruck fan.


I have linked up with the lovely Ingrid from Fabulous Fun Life for her Monday Make Up Madness. Some great new blogs there to discover!


Have you tried anything by Nars?


Til Next time,


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    1. thanks you so much Kat! I do appreciate that comment. I think I spend way too much time on my blog posts, but at least I am having fun. (and it is better than doing the ironing!!)
      B x

  1. Wow lucky you! I absolutely love NARS and have quite a few makeup items. Waiting on a Mecca order currently, one of the twin blushes. Can’t remember the name. How lovely to get a compliment from the man himself! 🙂

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