My top 5 beauty products for August!

Hello my Suburban Fashionistas.

Lots of fun things happened in August that impacted on my favourites this month.

50% off at Priceline on Maybelline, and a couple of products made it to my faves. The Beauty Expo was on  and I also happened to go old school and went for a full set of acrylic nails.  I am not convinced gel polish is better for your nails than good ol’ acrylic and the UV light worries me.

MAC brought out a new set of colours in matte lipsticks and Urban Decay released the new Naked Smokey Palette. (this one will probably be in my September favourites! I haven’t given them a good go yet)

So without further ado, here are my favourites!



1. Maybelline the Nudes $24.95 

Maybelline the Nudes Palette

I heard great things about this palette, and when it was 50% off, I grabbed one.

Why I love it :

Great colours, good colour pay off and not too powdery. . Forget about the silly applicator, just use your own brushes. And a mirror wouldn’t have gone astray, but hey, at 50% off I only paid around $13 for this. The size is handy for the handbag. It ain’t Urban Decay but it is great for the price!




2. the Balm Mary Lou Manizer $29.95

I am a little late to the party of the Holy Grail of highlighter from the Balm. I had to go and try it for myself and boy, is this a good un.

Why I love it :

A fine, soft champagne powder, it highlights the skin without being too sparkly. It is perfect for my colouring and just catches the light, which is exactly what strobing is. I have used it every day so far. I freakin love this stuff. And how cute is the name and packaging ?



3. MAC Stone Matte Lipstick

MAC Stone Matte

I have such a thing for brown lipsticks (see my write up HERE)

Why I love it :

It is MAC. It is BROWN. It is MATTE. Duh



4. Hydro Peptide Anti Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel $110

Hydro peptide anti wrinkle polish & Plump Peel

Yes. I know it is expensive. But I don’t mind paying for skincare that works. I don’t use the full range, just a few bits and pieces. I have not bought this in August, but felt I need to use it more often with my skin being sooooo dry from the wind and cold.


Why I love it:

I picked this peel as my favourite over the moisturiser and brightening serum that I own, because it is INSTANT. My skin is softer and brighter just after one treatment. You only need a tiny little bit and as you can see, I have been using it for a while. I like the fact it is a 2 part peel: one is grainy with dermabrasion crystals and vitamin c for brightening and  the other is an activating gel that plumps up the skin, has lactic acid and chamomile to soothe.  A review is coming and I may or may not have one of these to giveaway!




5. OPI Nailpolish Taupe Less on the Beach $19.95

OPI Taupeless on the beach

I HAVE NAILS! I have a drawer full of polishes I can use!

Why I love it:

This colour is everything. Call it taupe, call it greige. It just works.




It really was a great beauty month, and it was hard to pick my favourites. I didn’t even mention the great Maybelline lip pencils i bought or the Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless foundation. Never mind. There is always next month!




Til next time,


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