All Black Everything…

*this was first published on 29th June 2014


So, I have been blogging for nearly a year! WOW, time flies when you are having fun.

And just flicking through the posts, one thing jumps out at me, GEE, I WEAR A LOT OF BLACK.

It is just so damn easy to throw on some black! It looks chic, put together, and did I mention it may make you look just a tad thinner?

I have tried to do the colour thing. Honest.

Well, I haven’t tried that hard. I seem to always reach for that perfect black shirt, or pant. (And it looks so damn good with leopard Print!!)



There are ways to make the “All Black Everything” a little more interesting. These are my tips:


Use textures and layers.

Knits, with fur, with leather, with silky smooth satin.  Add shiny patent leather. Yum.




Add Accessories.

A statement piece of jewellery takes the All Black to a whole new Chic Level.Especially in gold.



Red lips.

Remember “Addicted to love?” Yep. like that.



Add a pop of colour

Ok if you must then: A hot pink bag, leopard print shoes, a yellow scarf.



Maybe I should move to Melbourne…



Til next time,

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM


About Fashionista in Suburbia

Dutch Born, Fashionista in Suburbia lives at the Southern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. A Mum. A Wife. A Lover of all things sparkly, shiny and leopard print. A Shoe, Lipstick and Sunglasses Addict. A Typical Libra. A Breast Cancer Thriver.

6 thoughts on “All Black Everything…

  1. Carol-lea says:

    Yep…move to Melbourne and then we can hang out in all black together

  2. Could you be any cuter?
    I think not 🙂
    All black all the time – love how different you make each outfit look.

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