How to fix a broken Eyeshadow!

I was so upset!

I was part of a beauty product swap and was excited to receive one of the Australis Palettes I had been reading about: The Bronze Eyed Girl Palette.

When I opened it to sample it a few days later, I discovered one of the colours was broken!

Australis Bronze Eyed Girl Palette
Australis Bronze Eyed Girl Palette


So upsetting. But I hate throwing in the towel. I heard about girls fixing not only eyeshadows but other compacts when they were broken as well, so I set out to google the solution.

I was going to have a go.

This is what you need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A spoon, or a stick, or just use your finger

that’s it!



Scoop as much of the eyeshadow back in the pan.

Drizzle enough alcohol on the pan to be able to smooth out the colour. It becomes quite creamy.

Smooth and press into the pan with your finger, or with the back of a spoon or whatever else you can think of.




Tidy up around the pans. And VOILÁ! Good as new!


The alcohol evaporates and leaves the powder the same consistency as the others. I was wondering if the texture would be different from the others, but I don’t believe it has altered.

Here is some swatches.

Swatched on clean skin
Swatched on clean skin


Swatched with Eyelid Primer
Swatched with Eyelid Primer


There is no difference in texture.

I hope this helps and helps you rescue your broken pretties!

Til Next time,


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9 thoughts on “How to fix a broken Eyeshadow!

  1. Nothing more devastating in beauty-land than a broken eyeshadow or compact!! Good work for figuring out a fix and sharing it. I will definitely know what to do next time now!

    1. I used the Lime Crime eye lid primer, but there are some other good ones out. when i wear eyeshadow, it is compulsory for me to wear primer. I have very oily eyelids x

  2. So clever!! Beautiful palette ❤️

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